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What is an Intelligent Opening?

By Alana Hanly, Sales Support and Administration Specialist at Kenton Brothers As a person goes forth on the day to day grind, it’s easy to forget how often we pass through all kinds of openings. It starts with leaving your bedroom, eventually walking out the front door or garage door and so forth. But how […]


When electronic access control isn’t enough!

Everyone wants access control these days. It’s sexy. Add video, put in biometrics, use multiple high-def screens to monitor and it feels like you have all the bases covered. But is it really doing the full job you need to protect all the vulnerable areas in and around your facility?  Is electronic access control enough? […]


Use Your Phone as a Credential

Credential.  This is a common term used in access control.  It can be a card, a key fob, a finger, or any number of things.  Basically, it is just a way of saying “this person has permission to open this door”. Cards and key fobs can easily be lost; and a finger can be difficult […]


What Is A Credential? What Options Does Your Business Have?

Post written by Penny Jackson, Marketing and Sales Specialist at Kenton Brothers I remember when I first started working at Kenton Brothers and needed a way into the building before normal business hours. I heard Tom Feekin (Operations Manager at Kenton Brothers) tell someone “We are going to give her so-and-so’s old credential.”  I didn’t know […]