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Event Horizon: 10 Tech Trends coming in 2015

  Technology is a part of daily life.  We all know this.  We also know that with technology, come security risks: individuals who will spend every waking moment trying to access financial documents, intelligence information, and information architecture.  Sometimes these thieves manage nothing more than an annoying post on our Facebook or Twitter feeds.  Other […]


Key Decline

How many of us actually hold a key, put it into a lock, and turn it to gain access to a building, our houses, or our cars?  My guess is, in the course of a day, it is a rare occurrence.  For over 115 years, Kenton Brothers has, among other things, cut keys.  House keys, […]


Use Your Phone as a Credential

Credential.  This is a common term used in access control.  It can be a card, a key fob, a finger, or any number of things.  Basically, it is just a way of saying “this person has permission to open this door”. Cards and key fobs can easily be lost; and a finger can be difficult […]