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Why your password is the next to get nabbed!

We found this great infographic to follow along with what is turning into a series on cloud security…“Why your password is the next to get nabbed”! It comes from Meldium, a fabulous Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool offering single sign-on instant access to your favorite apps and websites.  It comes with browser extensions, iOS and […]

4 Steps to Ensure IT Security

Collaboration on projects, off-site meetings, and mobile offices can not function without some form of virtual server.  Whether it exists in the form of Google Docs, iCloud, Office365, or your own cloud environment, here are the 4 steps you need to take to ensure IT security in the cloud, as published in Forbes: 1. Validate the organization bidding on […]

Security Cameras on the streets of Paris

Would additional security cameras on the streets of Paris have aided authorities in the terrorist attack January 7th killing 10 journalists and 2 police officers? This question, while not likely the only one on the mind’s of Parisienne’s today, will most definitely take center stage once the  city has a moment to grieve for their […]