KB Office Olympics: the competition is ON!

Here at Kenton Brothers we are always looking for different ways to engage each other and keep our work environment unpredictable and fun.  It’s in this vein that I decided to host the ‘KB Winter Olympics’……complete with special office-friendly events and a medal ceremony for the winners!

We could all use a little more activity throughout our day, and it’s not very likely you or I have the time and money to travel to Russia to watch the games. If you’re busy grinding away at your 9-5, this will be a great way to turn your desk job into something more active and fun… as long as you’re not afraid to look a little silly.

Feel free to take my lead and institute your own office olympics–I’d love to see the results!  And stay tuned for the exciting results and photo-ops as we GO FOR THE GOLD at KB!!

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