Olympic Games

All eyes are focused on London this week for the Olympic Games.  I find myself getting teary-eyed when these athletes who have trained and sacrificed for so many years win an event.  To see them standing on that podium with their hands over their hearts, singing the national anthem is definitely a sight to see.  London has done a phenomenal job hosting the games.  The venues are state-of-the-art and they brought in additional security forces to help ensure everyone’s safety.

But even with all the planning, the attention to detail during the building process and the daily focus on security you can’t anticipate human error.  On July 24, one of the policemen responsible for security at Wembley Stadium—the world-famous sports arena where the finals for football will be held—lost his high security high-tech laser keys. 

Scotland Yard was brought in to search for the missing set but despite determining the keys were not stolen, officers were unable to find them.  All internal locks inside the 90,000 seat stadium were replaced at a cost running into the tens of thousands of dollars.  Security at the venue was not comprised and the games were able to proceed as scheduled.  However, I would not want to be that particular police officer!

Locksmithing has been going on here at Kenton Brothers for over 115 years.  When you lose your keys, as we all know we will, please come down to the counter and let us cut you a few more.  Barney and the boys are always ready and willing to help!

Information on the Olympics and Wembley Stadium sourced from CNNWorld.com

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