Privacy and Surveillance CAN Co-Exist

When it comes to the safety of our children, it seems like a no-brainer: do whatever it takes to keep them safe.  However, when you mix in the right to privacy this becomes a little dicey.  In schools, libraries, churches, and other public places it is a constant battle between a citizens’ right to privacy, and the need for video surveillance to keep them safe.

A company called SituCon Systems, Inc. is trying to solve this problem and place video surveillance cameras in the areas where we need them most–schools, libraries, and churches—while still maintaining privacy.  What makes SituCon’s cameras special is what the company likes to call an ‘eye lid’.  It is a lens cover that remains closed until an instant alert button is pushed.  Once told to open, the camera sends an alert to police headquarters, police smart phones, and police car laptops alerting the authorities to a potential threat.  After notification, authorities have constant vision into the building which allows for a faster, more successful diffusion of the situation.

With this new technology, our police officers will have the tools necessary to keep our children safe while maintaining the right to privacy that all parents worry about.

If you have any security needs, please give us a call at 816-842-3700.  We will gladly come out and perform a custom security evaluation to suit your needs.

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