Kenton Brothers - History
Kenton Brothers - History- Camera
WBE: Grandad Would be Proud

Turn-key Security, With or Without the Key.

Many of Kansas City’s grand-old buildings have one thing in common; they
were originally protected by Kenton Brothers locking systems. Today those
same buildings are still protected by Kenton Brothers but the technology has
changed dramatically. From mechanical locking hardware to fully integrated
network-based systems, we still secure your world.

Been There. Done That.

From Wichita to Columbia, Kenton Brothers is the oldest and most trusted
security firm in the region. From our home in Kansas City we’ve seen it all, done
it all – for generations of buildings and businesses. Today, our company focuses
on the next generation of systems for security, including the latest technologies
in video analytics and network-based control and surveillance systems.

All Secure Since 1897