Emergency Mass Notification Devices

Using Emergency Communication Devices Can Save Lives

An emergency communication system has become an essential part of communicating information that can warn of danger and save lives. Emergency notification systems use multiple technology and communication platforms to alert those in your community, school, facility and more about an impending emergency so they can take appropriate action.

Many organizations such as schools, manufacturing plants and governments share the same challenges when it comes to alerting staff members and visitors of an emergency throughout sprawling grounds and facilities. Rely on Kenton Brothers to design and install an emergency communication system to warn of the following types of emergencies:

  • Weather Emergency
  • Medical Emergency
  • Security Breach
  • Public Disturbance
  • Act of Terrorism
  • Chemical Release
  • Fire
  • Utility Outage

When an emergency strikes, it is critical that no matter where people are in your organization or what they’re doing, that everyone receives potentially life-saving notifications quickly and clearly. Regardless of your organization’s size and needs, we can help ensure you have the appropriate emergency communication system.


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