Every service-based company knows that their technicians play a vital role in the business. They’re the personnel that sometimes spend more time interacting with the customer than anyone else at the company. Kenton Brothers recognizes this and believes that the more highly trained our technicians are, the more prepared they are to help the customer implement the most secure and easy to use system.


In order for our technicians to provide top notch installation, service and programming we must provide top notch training and opportunities to hone their skills.

The first step in preparing our technicians was to create a matrix of all the skills they will need to become the ultimate technician. We broke our matrix down into 5 primary skill sets: Mechanical, Access Control, Cameras, Intrusion Alarms and Professionalism. Each skill set has 4 general columns: Installation, Service, Programming and Engineering. Each column has a list of tasks that can be rated from training needed all the way up to skilled enough to train others.

Kenton Brothers: Technician Skills Matrix

With the technician skill matrix created, we intend to have every technician new and old evaluate their skills for each task to let us know where they feel confident in their skills and where they feel they needed more training. This will allow us to create a training program customized to each technician that will help them develop their skills. It also gives the technician a visual representation of what level they are at as they go through their development process. As they master one task, they can focus on the next, to work their way into the highest position they aspire to.

Certifications include, but are not limited to:

  • S2 Access Control
  • Lenel
  • Milestone
  • Gallagher
  • Software House
  • March Networks
  • Avigilon
  • Garrett
  • Paxton
  • Axis
  • Verkada
  • 10-60 Series Bi-Axial & Master keying
  • Medeco M3 & Logic
  • Intertek
  • Basic Keymark servicing
  • Certified Registered Locksmith
  • Installation & Operation X-07, X-09, X-10
  • LSI GSA Vault technician & GSA Inspector
  • Schlage Security Management System
  • Ocularis DS Certification training
  • DC 203 ADA Power Operator
  • LKM 7000
  • HES electric strikes
  • Stanley 2740 Series A