Unlock HopeUnlock Hope Key campaign

Kenton Brothers Inc. proudly supports Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City through our annual year long key drive. Similar to the Ronald McDonald House pop tab collections, the Unlock Hope campaign is an ongoing recycling project to collect keys, cylinders, and other brass scraps. Brass is worth about 6 x’s as much as aluminum resulting in higher returns and more money for the local charity.

Drop off your old keys at the Distribution Sales counter, 1718 Baltimore Ave., at any time throughout the year, or just hand them to one of our technicians the next time you have us out!

Spay and Neuter Kansas CitySpay and Neuter Kansas City

Spay & Neuter Kansas City‘s mission is to reduce the number of stray and unwanted pets in Kansas City. Kenton Brothers Inc. supports Spay & Neuter’s cause with lock’s, access control kennels, and video surveillance.

Join us in supporting this local charity by joining the ‘Paws for a Cause Monthly Donor Club’, volunteering, or by attending the annual ‘Spa-ghetti No Balls Charity Event’.