Company CultureIn a word: Family.

We take pride in our culture and often refer to it as our number one asset. The family culture has been established over 125 years.

Personal Career Development

Our goal is to help our work family be enthusiastic about their role in protecting people, property and possessions. Every team member follows a career development plan that is made up of both professional and personal goals. Each quarter, we sit down and discuss progress, look at any obstacles and of course, celebrate the successes. It’s the cornerstone of our commitment to each other.


Additionally, we believe that communication is key. We support this with monthly, company-wide meetings on and off site that offer a great mix of company updates and fun activities. It’s a chance for us to update everyone on company direction, successes we are experiencing and uncover any obstacles that may be limiting our success.

Our Core Values:

By following our core values we’ve established a process of investing in our team members as if they were family.

“S.P.I.C.E.D.  I.C.E.”

Service Quality
Continuous Learning

Customer Focus
Employee Focus

Every member of the KB family can recite these core values upon request. We guarantee it!

Please take a moment the next time you talk with one of us and test us out.