Make Your Spaces Safer, More Secure and Productive

Our super-intelligent robot patrols your workspaces detecting anomalies in real time. Incidents are managed via a two-way video touchscreen. Review status and incident reports for better decision making. Save time and money with fewer false alarms and outstanding efficiency.

Intelligent Robots & Human Specialists Work Together
Increase your operational productivity with Cobalt’s security and facilities services, working in real time with your team to respond to intruders, safety issues, theft and potential environmental hazards.

  • Detect environmental anomalies like heat, humidity, CO and CO2 levels, and smoke
  • Maintain worksite and personnel compliance with OSHA regulations and safety protocols
  • Discover and mitigate risks from potentially damaging leaks and spills
  • Receive immediate notifications of unsafe conditions or dangerous situations

Cobalt: Subscription Service
Discover how Kenton Brothers can increase security, lower costs, and reduce risk for your facilities and employees with Cobalt Robotics. With our unique subscription model, this cutting-edge technology is more affordable than you think.