Cobalt Solves Real-World Security Challenges

Unauthorized Person
An individual was detected in a building after hours. Cobalt quickly determined they were an intruder and escorted them out of the building.

Potential Theft
Two employees were spotted carrying a large object from the building. Cobalt approached them, and determined that it was a harmless situation.

Slip & Fall
An employee slipped and fell at night. Cobalt ensured they were not injured and notified facilities and HR teams of the incident. Had they been hurt, Cobalt would quickly call 911.

Remote Evacuation
Personnel emergencies, such as a fire alarm, are managed with no risk to a human guard.

Open Door
A door to a restricted entryway was left open. Cobalt can alert stakeholders and monitor the entryway until the issue is resolved.

Manufacturing and Warehouse Use Case

Worksite Safety



Cobalt Robots and People Working Together for Better Security

Safeguard Any Space with the Cobalt Security Service

The Cobalt Robot is an autonomous vehicle, patrolling the premises and maneuvering through your workplace on pre-designated routes.

Real-time anomaly detection flags risks, like unexpected people, open doors, leaks, and spills—even rerouting the robot when needed.

Our remote Cobalt specialists provide human response and analysis—clearing false alarms and escalating confirmed events to on-site staff.

Status and incident reports delivered daily, weekly, and quarterly include valuable data and trends to inform future business decisions.