The KB Remote Service Group: Faster Support, Faster Resolution

By Ryan Kaullen, Field Services Manager at Kenton Brothers

The KB Remote Service Group: Faster Support, Faster Resolution Kenton Brothers Systems for Security has been providing remote support to our customers for many years.

In 2020, Kenton Brothers established a permanent team called the Remote Services Group (RSG). The goal for RSG is to support our technicians in the field, help customers resolve their service issues more quickly, solve problems remotely so that technicians aren’t required to go on site for troubleshooting, and strengthen customer relationships.

Typical Remote Service Calls

  • Server Issues
  • Camera Issues – Device Problems, Camera Views, Client Views
  • Access Control Programming Issues
  • Intrusion Monitoring Issues / Testing / Call List Updates
  • Customer Training
  • License Upgrades
  • System Health Checks
  • General Inquiries
  • And many more.

How Does RSG Work?

When you are a Kenton Brothers customer, you send an email to describing your issue. Our coordinators take that information and determine if our remote team can look into it first to potentially fix the problem remotely. If that is the case, a member of our remote service group will reach out to you and work with you to fix the issue or do a final determination that an onsite technician will be needed. If an onsite tech is needed, our coordinators will schedule that with you directly.

The Benefits of RSG

  • Faster Response Times: Tickets are usually handled within 24-72 business hours (This is dependent on volume and urgency of request.) Customers will also know during this time frame whether or not the ticket can be done remotely and if an onsite visit is needed.
  • Financial Savings: If the issue can be fixed remotely you save the expense of an onsite trip charge.
  • Remote Customer Training: Remote Services Techs can provide training via remote video conference tools (like Microsoft Teams Meetings) to train a large group of people in multiple locations.
  • Correct Additional Issues: While our remote service group team members are remotely logged into a customer’s system, they may find other issues and get them corrected.
  • Certified: Remote Services Group Technicians are factory certified with proper training and access to factory support.
  • Onsite Tech Support: While technicians are on physically on site, RSG techs can remote in to help test and troubleshoot.

The Future of RSG

We all know that technology seems to changes quickly. At times, it can feel like it’s hard to keep up. That is why we are going to continue to invest in our Remote Service Group. That investment includes people, training and technology. This team has been a powerful asset and will provide even more impact for our customers ongoing.

If you would like to start leveraging the expertise and efficiency of our Remote Service Group, give us a call!

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