Daisy Scouts Learn About and Support Spay & Neuter Kansas City

Spay and Neuter KCIt’s no secret that Kenton Brothers is a pet friendly company. We encourage and enjoy having fellow employee’s pets in the office as it brings peace and happiness. The puppies that come visit us have a way of turning the tables on the most stressful days, and they foster a positive atmosphere.

Kenton Brothers appreciates and supports the needs of pets and finding them good homes. We’ve partnered with Spay & Neuter Kansas City by helping them keep their facility secure. This in turn provides their employees the ability to have a safe place to come to work each day. Also, their supplies (through many generous donations) are protected for the use of the owners and animals that truly need them.

Recently, Daisy Troop 602 of Lee’s Summit visited Spay & Neuter Kansas City to volunteer their time to help make medical e-collars. These collars are an important part of the healing process for injured animals. Additionally, the girls donated treats, toys and other items to support animals in need.

Girl ScoutsIn touring the facility I realized first-hand all the good that’s done for these animals through vaccinations and spaying and neutering at affordable costs to pet owners. (The specific details of what “Spay” and “Neuter” means were avoided until the girls are just a little older.)

Please join us in supporting Spay & Neuter KC by checking out these opportunities to give or by simply calling 816-353-0940 and asking how you can volunteer to help animals in need!

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