Kenton Brothers Ranks in Top 10 Law Enforcement Solution Providers

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

govCIO Outlook LogoGovCIO Outlook, a technology publication focused on IT and security trends, scouts the IT market for vendors who offer state of the art IT solutions for government agencies such as law enforcement and emergency management organizations. In December of 2021, Kenton Brothers Systems for Security was included among the Top 10 Companies that are at the forefront of providing law enforcement solutions and impacting the marketplace.

Is you legacy security system still effective?KB offers state of the art security solutions to address the security gaps in law enforcement, which is fraught with challenges caused by legacy security infrastructure—especially those found in detention centers, jails and correctional facilities.

To bridge the gap in security, Kenton Brothers first analyzes the client’s security needs and evaluates the effectiveness of the existing systems. Then, with the assessment results and years of security experience, the KB team designs and implements a comprehensive, purpose built system that can be managed from a single, easy-to-use platform, significantly reducing the operations staff’s workload. And because there are no longer multiple platforms or disparate infrastructure issues, the client experiences dramatically reduced installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

“When it comes to security, we understand that a cookie–cutter approach just does not work,” says David Strickland, COO, Kenton Brothers. “By thoroughly understanding our client’s requirements and goals, we craft solutions that are unique and fit for purpose.”

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All chips great and small. How microchips are holding the security industry hostage.

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Microchip ShortageYou  may have heard… There is a chip shortage. Current projections by industry insiders say that things will return to normal in early 2023.  Last month, STMicro CEO Jean-Marc Chery said that while “things will improve in 2022 gradually, normal product availability won’t return “before the first half of 2023”.

Many factors have caused the shortage including the Pandemic, a fire and a drought. There are only a few microchip manufacturers across the globe. With the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) marginalizing Chinese chips in the American marketplace, it comes down to three plants available to the security industry. One plant had a major fire last year that impacted its ability to produce chips as late as August 2021. The largest facility, located in Taiwan, has been affected by a severe drought over the last 18 months. The factory requires 63 tons of fresh clean water a day in production. These factors as well as an all time high in demand have led to a crushing shortage.

Microchip ShortageMajor car companies are projecting 110 Billion in losses in 2021 by not having enough chips to meet demand. If you have recently tried to rent a car, you’ve seen it firsthand. Car rental companies all over the globe have sold off their stock because they’re getting premium prices with the new car shortage. Simply stated, there are fewer cars to rent, so the price has inflated with demand.

How is this affecting the security industry?

Some manufacturers have recently issued warnings that some product lines won’t be available for 18 weeks, or until February 2022. A security manufacturing insider recently shared, “Make no mistake, if a component has a chip in it, it will be delayed. This problem effects everyone involved, from the manufacturer all the way to the end user.”

Current estimates for many components : (09/21)

  • Commercial IP Video Surveillance : 8-18 weeks
  • Access Control Components : 6-18 Weeks
  • Doors Frames and Hardware : 8-12 weeks
  • Hardwood Doors : 12-18 weeks
  • Servers and Switches : 8-12 Weeks

So if this is the obstacle, how do we solve it?

Kenton brothers Systems for Security has been around a long time and has some experience with dealing with obstacles. We’ve been through two world wars, the Great Depression, the Great Recession and 5 pandemics. 123 years has taught us something. There’s always a way to get it done.

Top 5 Tips for overcoming the great Chip Crisis of 2021 – Security edition

1. Communication

(The number one way to over come the chip crisis.)

Have regular meetings with your customers and help them understand their choices. No one likes to be confronted with a no option crisis. At Kenton Brothers, we like to come with solutions. You won’t be defined by having a global chip crisis. You will be defined by how you respond to it. Options, planning, and communication all work together to overcome any obstacle.

The reality of the chip crisis is that it will effect your business. The response to the crisis is what counts.

2. Substitute

Have a list of resources available to use for substitutions. If one manufacturer is out of a component, understand what you can replace well before you start the project. Managing this is key. Many integrators are surprised daily with bad news of delivery.

3. Go Old School

Temporarily using mechanical solutions will still work for access control. Prep the doors for electronic locking devices, but use mechanical locks until the electronic components arrive.

4. Monitor specific serve times for the manufacturers you use most.

Many manufacturers have portals you can utilize to track current part serve times. Call your manufacturers rep to get the inside story.

5. Plan Ahead.

Understand the serve times and roll that into your Gant charts for your project. Understand that you will need to order al lot earlier than you normally would to meet the construction deadlines.

Kenton Brothers Receives KCEDC 2019 Cornerstone Award

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

KCEDC LogoThe Kansas City Economic Development Corporation has a personal mission to drive economic development. Their goal is to create an environment in which businesses and residents prosper in Kansas City, Missouri.

For 30 years, the KCEDC has hosted the Cornerstone Awards to recognize companies and projects that have helped strengthen Kansas City, Missouri’s economy.

Kenton Brothers was one of 11 Cornerstone award recipients, along with 21c Museum Hotel, Bar K, CommunityAmerica Credit Union – Crossroads & South Plaza, Fountain City FinTech Accelerator, Hy-Vee Arena, Ignite Medical Resorts, Kansas City Levees Coalition – Led by the Kansas City Industrial Council (KCIC) & Missouri and Associated Rivers Coalition (MOARC), Linwood Shopping Center, McQueeny Lock Building, Wonder Shops & Flats.

The event was held on May 29th at the Kansas City Marriott: Downtown Muehlebach venue. For more information, please visit the KCEDC page devoted to the event.

Kenton Brothers Cornerstone Award 2019

We’re Invested in the Economic Growth of Kansas City’s East Side

Kenton Brothers is very invested in adding jobs to the Kansas City economy, additionally it’s so important to us to be good neighbors and bring value and economic growth to KC’s East Side. We’re loving our new facility and neighbors and enjoy sharing our expertise to protect people, property and possessions.

We are truly honored and stand beside these amazing companies to be recognized for our efforts in implementing tools and programs that fuel the Kansas City economy and growth.


Kenton Brothers Systems for Security Product Brochure Wins a 2019 Fountain Award

Can We Pick Our Partners or Can We Pick Them?

2019 Fountain Award for Kenton Brothers Security BrochureSpring is awards season. The Oscars… The Grammies… And, Kansas City has its own versions, especially in the advertising and marketing world. For any award, the winning work usually is a collaboration between partners who toil, sweat and go back and forth as they work toward their vision.

We didn’t make a blockbuster movie or record a top ten song with our advertising agency partner, but we did create a pretty slick marketing brochure that won a fancy advertising award.

The Kenton Brothers Security Product Brochure

Our security product brochure received a 2019 Fountain Award at the ANA Business Marketing and AMA of Kansas City (AMAKC) annual Fountain Awards ceremony held on March 7th at 2016 Main Event Space.

EAG Advertising & Marketing, our agency, submitted the brochure and was in attendance to accept the award. Fountain Award submissions are judged equally on creative, production, objective/strategy and results. Submission categories include advertising, brand identity, sales enablement, event marketing, public relations, internal marketing, integrated program, content, video and all forms of digital marketing.

To match the custom nature of our security solutions, we wanted a brochure that would stand out as well. Our brochure serves as a sales leave-behind for our team to share with clients. It communicates our overall brand value, leading with the concept that our solutions protect your people, property and possessions.

Design, Message and History

Design-wise, the brochure is a custom creation. The way it’s designed is to have two sections open at the front, symbolizing our ability to protect what’s inside.

Message-wise, it focuses on our primary security solutions, while the back of the brochure features a nostalgic nod to our 4th generation family-owned business history, along with the evolution to today’s technology and the consistency of the person-to-person service.

Our award-winning brochure perfectly reflects who we are and what we do. It’s an honor that top marketing associations in Kansas City think so, too.

EAG Design our Security Products Brochure and it won a 2019 Fountain Award

Kenton Brothers Featured in Thinking Bigger Business

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