Top 9 Reasons to Install a Hide-Away™ Storm Shelter

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers is all about protecting people, property and possessions. From access control to commercial video surveillance and application specific solutions, we are your one stop shop for commercial security. The Hide-Away™ storm shelter is a valuable tool to protect all three!

Hide-Away Storm Shelters

The Hide-Away is an innovative, space-saving storm/tornado shelter that can be folded to within 19 inches of a wall, when not in use, and quickly deployed, in just a few seconds, when the need arises. It provides a safe hiding place from storms, and will withstand up to an F-5 rated tornado. Various sizes are available to accommodate different numbers of people in a home, business or school.

Hide-Away Storm SheltersMike Vogt, President and CEO of Staying Home Corp. said, “Historically, there have been two main obstacles to the storm shelter industry. Traditional units take up too much space, and an assembled unit is very difficult and expensive to ship. The Hide-Away solves both these problems, and we are very excited about how this product is going to expand the market, and provide safe haven in places where it was not feasible before, for either space or cost reasons.

There are several areas of the country where homes do not have basements, like Texas. A person can set one of these up in their garage or on a concrete slab within the finished home. Businesses can install the shelter to provide their employees a safe haven. Condos, apartments, schools – the potential is very high now that we have greatly reduced the space requirements.”

Hide-Away™ Storm Shelter Can Protect School Children

Here are the top nine reasons you may want to install a Hide-Away storm shelter:

  1. Protects People Property and Possessions in the event of disaster
  2. Withstands up to an F5 tornado
  3. Provides NIJ Level IIIA protection against hand guns and shotguns
  4. Hide-Away Storm SheltersEconomical
  5. Modular design
  6. Installs in any room-can be retrofit into existing building
  7. Can be expanded/modified to accommodate evolving needs
  8. Variety of shape/configurations to accommodate different space requirements
  9. Deploys quickly- in under 10 seconds!

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Hide-Away is a product of Staying Home Corporation—which offers seniors specialized products to help them stay in their home longer, more comfortably and affordably. You can download shelter specifications in PDF format on their website.

Safe and Secure from Threats: Hide-Away® Storm Shelters

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Hide-Away SheltersDid you know Kenton Brothers Systems for Security offers a variety of security related products in addition to our traditional security locking hardware and access control and video surveillance systems?

One of those products is the Hide-Away® Storm Shelter which is designed to be an affordable retro-fit solution for protection from active shooters and severe storms.

Hide-Away shelters can easily be rolled into, or installed in, existing spaces in your schools, churches, places of business or homes to ensure that you stay safe from extreme situations. All of the Hide-Away Storm Shelter models are certified to provide protection from devastating F-5 tornadoes and rated for NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection (all handgun and shotgun rounds).

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Hide-Away: Stationary

Stationary Units

  • Folds against wall when not in use
  • Deploys quickly – under 10 seconds
  • Holds up to 25 students and a teacher
  • Located in the classroom for fast, safe access
  • Ballistic protection from armed intruders*
  • Tested to withstand F5 tornadoes

Hide-Away: Corner

Corner Units

Hide-Away: School

School Safe Rooms

  • Economical
  • Modular design
  • Installs in any room
  • Can be expanded/modified to accommodate evolving needs.
  • Variety of shape/configurations to accommodate different space requirements

Hide-Away: Folding

Folding Units

  • Folds against wall when not in use
  • Frees up valuable floor space
  • Patent pending design
  • Deploys quickly – under 10 seconds