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Evolv Technology – New Weapons Detection Tech Protects Schools, Businesses and Sporting Events

Evolv TechnologyBy David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Innovation is a Kenton Brothers Systems for Security core value. As a 125 year old company, we’ve had to innovate to stay relevant to the needs of our market over the decades of serving our customers. To that end, we are constantly engaged with security industry manufacturers to stay on top of new technologies and how they can impact our mission of Protecting People Property and Possessions.

Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology is a new and innovative weapons detection platform that detects weapons without the long lines you would normally associate with traditional metal detection. If you’ve spent a long time waiting to get into a school or sporting event while the metal detectors do their job, you may be familiar with the frustration that many people feel. We all want a safe experience, and we’re all willing to go through the screening process. However, we’ve all thought to ourselves, “There has to be a better way!” Evolv has created it.

Evolv TechnologyAs the nation debates ways to keep our schools safe, Evolv is creating solutions that give us viable options today. Several school systems across the country have placed Evolv systems in their schools to help promote safe learning environments.

Evolv combines Artificial intelligence with digital sensors to accurately screen visitors, students and staff 10 times faster than traditional methods. Evolv Technology provides touchless security screening that delivers safety without sacrificing the visitor /student experience. Evolv can distinguish between every day items that a person carries and weapons. The system allows car keys, cell phones and spare change to pass through, while alerting on the knives, guns and other threat objects when they are detected.

If a person is carrying a weapon, the sytem will give you an alert to a tablet that a staff member monitors. This alert identifies the person that needs to be screened further and the location of the weapon on that person. This person can enter secondary screening while allowing the flow of students or visitors into the building or venue.

Benefits in a School Setting

  • Eliminate lines of students waiting to pass through security screening
  • Allow students to keep back packs on
  • Enable students to get to class on time without security disruptions
  • Reduce secondary security check alarms from around 40% to less than 10%
  • Easy staff training process – less than one day
  • Create secure environment for learning

Evolv Technology Evolv Technology

A Smart System with Powerful Analytics

The Evolv system also gives you actionable data and ongoing learning that you can use to make adjustments to your policies and procedures.  It’s a smart system that has powerful analytics on board.  The cameras on the system can add focus and attention alarms as well as facial recognition to alert if banned or troublesome persons are trying to gain access to the building or venue.

Evolv TechnologyWith the workforce crunch we are all facing, one huge benfit of this system is the reduction in manpower over traditional systems.  Many venues and school have seen a reduction of over 50% in staffing requirements.

When you combine these factors, you quickly see how the innovation that Evolv brings to the marketplace will quickly have a big impact.

Case Studies

If you would like to discuss how Kenton Brothers can help you innovate your weapons detection process or explore the decision to start a process please give us a call today. We offer these services free to our community.

Kenton Brothers helps the City of Grandview install security cameras at their new amphitheater.

GrandviewAmpKenton Brothers helps the City of Grandview install security cameras a their new amphitheater.


Grandview Amphitheater is just one of many examples of cities going above and beyond to involve their community in the arts. The Grandview Parks and Recreation built an event space in 2014 that has the capacity to entertain 8,000 guests. These amphitheaters engross citizens and surrounding areas in music and create a space for people to come together, and enjoy a common interest. Kenton Brothers had the opportunity to secure that feeling of community, with an advanced security system that helps fun goers to focus on the show and the City of Grandview Amphitheater to feel protected. Kenton Brothers installed a series of high resolution video cameras, throughout the Amphitheater, which help protect against any unwanted emergency situations. Kenton Brothers was thorough to ensure that the space is kept safe with a series of dome, wall mount, and corner camera systems. This technology driven camera system helps to make sure the entire area is kept safe, allowing citizens to check their worries at the door.

Check out their website here: Grandview Ampitheater

Kenton Brothers Classic and Signature Maintenance Programs…Take a Look!

Did you know that Kenton Brothers offers two maintenance programs for your security products and systems?  Our maintenance programs include a security technician performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your security systems and products.  As Gina would say, “Not working is not an option when protecting your people, property and possessions!”

Check it out!

To download a pdf of this flyer, click here!

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Team KB heads to the mountains……

Brad and Jeremy recently returned from a foray into Colorado, working on our national install for Russell Stover’s candies.  Kenton Brothers was called in by the box candy giant to help with access control in their manufacturing and distribution centers located across 8 different states.  The company needed quicker access for their employees during shift changes, and the ability to control everything from company headquarters here in Kansas City.

We came through with optical turnstiles from Alvarado and S2 Enterprise level software management.   This state of the art, secure, bi-directional turnstile access control responds within 1/1000 second to credentials and uses ‘stacking’ capabilities during high user intervals.  This technology allows a user to present his or her credential (card), to walk through the gate, and  keeps the gate open for the next user to pass through; thereby eliminating the slow-down which occurs when the gates close after each individual user.

Add in S2’s Enterprise software, and you have a custom system with global site management all controlled and administered from their company’s headquarters.  Innovative thinking for an age old business still using small batch production to maintain the original quality of Russell and Clara Stover’s bungalow candies.   For innovative solutions to your access control challenges, whether you have one location or you cover the nation, contact Kenton Brothers in Kansas City at kbsales@kentonbrothers.com or 888-536-8661.

Oh…..enjoy the pictures sent from the mountains, and feel free to read the full case study on Russell Stover’s candies!