Evergy substation project: 10,742 miles… 221 sites… in 8 weeks? Sure, we can do that.

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers

Last September, evergy approached us about a project that would add access control to 221 of their remote locations. The remote locations have been built over a period of more than fifty years with various locking hardware at each location. So, the mission was to go loaded for bear and make sure the technicians had every possible combination of lock, cylinder, and other hardware they might need as they went on their routes each week.

Adding access control to remote locations can be challenging.

Starting Before DawnMost, if not all, of their sites don’t have a network connection back to the evergy headquarters. Some don’t even have cellphone coverage. That’s where Abloy Cliq comes in. Cliq is a technology where every lock has circuitry built in. Every key for the lock has additional technology and a battery. When a key is presented to the physical lock, it powers up the lock, exchanges information, and either allows or denies entry.

Both the key and the lock store the transaction, so there’s never a concern about lost data. Every week, the key has to be “refreshed” at a networked location. While being refreshed, the key sends every lock it has touched back to the system and the system updates the allowed locks back to the key. This provides evergy an audit trail of every lock and what was accessed for the week.

If a key is broken or damaged, evergy personnel can get the audit log directly from the locks at their remote locations. The system requires no internet, network or power at the access control location, making it versatile.

Abloy Cliq bridges the gap between offline and online access control systems.

After safety and Cliq training, four of our technicians were sent out on a mission.

We weren’t sure of the locking hardware at each site. Every site was a potentially new situation. Sometimes we would get onsite and discover that a padlock needed to be replaced. Other times, we needed to spend 6-8 hours worth of work doing discovery. Sometimes our team started before dawn.

State PoliceThankfully, mother nature held off on snowstorms until after the project was completed. And apparently, if you drive a white van around substations in the middle of a farmer’s field, the state police might be called.

Even though the project was fast and furious, our technicians did an excellent job. They kept a great attitude in spite of the long hours and changing requirements. They adapted to each new challenge and secured all 221 sites for evergy within 8 weeks.

Creating Security Peace of Mind for Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Samuel U. Rodgers Health CenterIn 1967, Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers opened the first federally-recognized community health center in Missouri — just the fourth such center in the country at that time.

Dr. Rodgers believed families deserve access to everything they need to thrive. That’s why he chose to open his health center at the Wayne Miner Housing Project, so families got the care they needed right in their neighborhood. In 1988, the Wayne Miner Health Center was renamed in honor of its founder and Executive Director: the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center.

Dr. Rodgers dedicated his life to providing quality, compassionate and affordable health care to Kansas City.

Like Dr. Rodgers, Kenton Brothers Systems for Security has a long lived passion… ours is for creating security peace of mind. KB partnered with the Health Center as their security integrator of choice to upgrade and expand their access control and video surveillance systems. KB has been securing people, property and possessions for over a hundred years.

S2 access control and Milestone video management systems were utilized to increase peace of mind through effective administrative control and reporting. Kenton Brothers worked with the IT and Security teams to redesign and improve the capabilities and effectiveness of their systems. The end result was meeting the current needs at their main campus.

Kenton Brother commends the associates at Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center as they build healthier families, enrich neighborhoods and strengthen the community via their five locations in the KC metro, serving more than 25,000 patients.


A new era for church/school security: St. Thomas Aquinas, Wichita

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

LOCK DOWN with a press of a button!

Kenton Brothers: St. Thomas AquinasLocated in the northeast part of Wichita, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church was established in 1957 with 150 families. The following year, they opened a parish school to serve their community. Now, the parish boasts more than 1300 families and a parish school of nearly 550.

St. Thomas decision makers included security and specifically keyless entry or access control into their strategic planning process. This step in their security plan was accelerated with the help of some generous donors and a re-prioritization of funds to accomplish this goal in the summer of 2018.
Kenton Brothers Wichita team worked closely with the St. Thomas Aquinas team to design an S2 Security, web based access control system. S2 was the solution of choice to provide the ultimate in ease of use by administrators, flexibility for expansion and integration with future systems, such as video surveillance.

According to St. Thomas’ Business Manager, Shelly Babich, “our number one goal was to actually control access to the church and school in real-time. We wanted better control over who enters the building, when they enter the building and where they enter the building. If necessary, we have the ability to go into immediate lock down. We can also be notified if a door is left open. We can easily give temporary access to parishioners and lost keys will no longer be a major issue.

Our access control system will make building access and key management much easier and safer for our staff while giving us a higher level of protection for our students, parish families, priests and staff.”

Access control is a powerful tool to protect your people, property and possessions. Let Kenton Brothers share their 120 years of experience and walk you through the steps to securing your campus, contact us today.

Kenton Brothers: St. Thomas Aquinas Kenton Brothers: St. Thomas Aquinas

Project Spotlight: Glazer’s in Odessa, Texas

By Will Zurcher, Installation Manager at Kenton Brothers

Glazers LogoGlazer’s is an industry leader for supply chain solutions and they have an unparalleled selection of world-class wines and spirits. One of their tag lines is, “Pouring our hearts into what we do… selling beer for a living.”

They currently provide services to 44 U.S. markets, the District of Columbia, as well as Canada and the Caribbean. With a lineage that dates back to 1909, they’ve created a reputation of helping their customers grow their businesses. One reason for Glazer’s success has been expanding their physical locations.

Kenton Brothers is proud to be a physical security provider for Glazer’s. They’ve been a valued customer for many years. They approached us about securing their latest facility being built from the ground up in Odessa, Texas.

Designing the Security Solution

We had several discussions with Glazer’s about their new facility and how operations would work day-to-day. They had concerns about potential theft, burglary, and vandalism. Kenton Brothers designed a customized solution to meet these requirements using the following systems:

Glazer's Project in Odessa, TexasThe surveillance video system included Milestone’s world-leading video management software that is an open IP platform. With this open platform IP, we were able to design a system with cameras manufactured by companies like Axis and Avigilon that are best suited for each unique application and location to meet the customers expectations.

Bosch Security was chosen to secure the perimeter of the facility. Since Bosch is one of the biggest names in intrusion detection and the premier choice for most security professionals, it was an easy decision. They design and manufacturer some of the most powerful and reliable intrusion products in the industry.

Access control was designed using S2 Security hardware and software. The S2 platform allows seamless integration with turnstiles, surveillance video and intrusion detection if the customer chooses. It’s web-based interface also provides/supports customizable monitoring displays, automated administrative system management, event management, identity management and data management with reporting.

Now that the solution design is complete, it’s time to move to the next phase of the project.

Glazer’s new facility is about twelve hours away from our KC headquarters. We’re internally structured to support our customers, regardless of their location, with excellent service. Internal positions like purchasing agents, inventory specialists, field service coordinators, engineers and project managers are what allow us to complete projects like Glazer’s on time.

We’re proud to say that we were able to deliver this sophisticated security solution within the customers requested time frame of seven weeks. We’re also proud to be partnered with such a “spirited” company like Glazer’s. And know we can say that they are All Secure!

Glazer's Project in Odessa, Texas Glazer's Project in Odessa, Texas

Kenton Brothers Wichita is excited to announce a new partnership with Meritrust Credit Union

Meritrust Credit Union in WichitaKenton Brothers Wichita is excited to announce a new partnership with Meritrust Credit Union. Meritrust is a member owned cooperative credit union with branches throughout Kansas. Meritrust was originally chartered in December of 1935 when employees from the Stearman Aircraft Company in Wichita collaborated and organized an employees credit union.

They’re a full-service credit union with 300 employees and fifteen locations in Kansas. Their membership is at the heart of all they do and drives their day to day decision-making for sound financial management.

Security is paramount to Meritrust Credit Union.

Meritrust Credit Union ProjectMeritrust practices high level encryption technology for their online products and state of the art personal security to oversee their branch locations. They’re strong believers in physical security as well.

They asked Kenton Brothers to create an integrated physical security solution. The solution includes network-based access control and intrusion detection from S2 and IP video surveillance systems from Milestone. We configured these security systems to work together, providing centralized control, administration and management.

We appreciated the opportunity to help Meritrust with their business security system needs and look forward to continuing the relationship through service and support ongoing.

Want to learn more about how KB could help you with business security? Let’s start a conversation!