Dance of the Dumpsters

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

One chilly, rainy morning I was walking through our beautiful new KB Truman facilities to take out a bag of trash. I made my way to our dock, opened the door to toss the bag in the dumpster and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Our dumpster was gone and our recycling dumpster was knocked over with recyclables scattered amiss….

My first thought… Why in the world would someone steel a trash dumpster? My second thought… Surely no one would take a trash dumpster. Maybe our waste services company took it for some reason. I decided to call them and check this theory out. Well, it was a poor theory. They didn’t come and take it, so who took our dumpster! It was the mystery to be solved.

Thank goodness we’re a top notch security company with only the best security cameras placed strategically “EVERYWHERE” I knew I would have my answer soon. Several people on our staff huddled around a monitor to watch surveillance videos. What we saw was magical.

Due to an unusually high amount of precipitation, the drains behind our facility had backed up. This created a three foot deep lake behind our building. Our two dumpsters performed the most glorious synchronized dance I’ve ever witnessed. It was like a real life version of Fantasia. We were mesmerized and just couldn’t look away.

The answer to where our dumpster went? It was behind the building the entire time… just a little further back than usual. The KB Missing Dumpster mystery has been solved. Please enjoy the amazing “Dance of the Dumpsters”.


The KB Family

By Kristen Harper & Kassie Lyons

Here at Kenton Brothers, our coworkers are more than just people we work with.

We’re a family.

The KB FamilyA few months ago, we sent Jeremy Shinneman, one of our technicians, to Colorado for a job. It just so happened that at the same time another technician, Chris Skinner, was in Colorado visiting family. Chris’s family was having a BBQ, and invited Jeremy to join them. Here’s what Jeremy wrote about his experience:

“When you’re sent out of town states away for work, and a fellow co-worker just so happens to be on vacation seeing the in-laws, you go on ahead and invite yourself over to the BBQ! Shake the man of the house’s hand, hug mom, and don’t leave any left overs! Thanks for letting me crash the party brother!!”

This pretty much sums it up that at Kenton Brothers, we value our culture above all else. We spend as much time with each other as we do our own families so we truly work to build and maintain those internal team relationships. We’re not your traditional corporate business… we take the time to get to know each other’s families, hobbies, and share in the ups and downs as a team. We believe this makes us a stronger team!

Just another day, living the KB way. #KBWAY

The KB Family

Welcome to KB Truman. The Midwest’s premier security resource center!

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Welcome to KB Truman. We’re proud to show off our new flagship location and all it’s amenities.

KB Truman Amenities

  • The KB retail locksmith counter
  • New “Locksmith Lounge” with beverage center
  • 5,000 square foot security showroom
  • 40+ person multimedia training center
  • Expanded shipping, receiving and storage capabilities
  • More offices and collaborative work zones
  • Expanded Employee Amenities including a full size pickle ball court!!!
  • The new Kenton brothers Museum

This has been a long time coming and we are very excited about all the possibilities our new home provides us.

We have fresh, hot coffee ready for you so don’t be a stranger!

Kenton Brothers: KB Truman Kenton Brothers: KB Truman

The Kenton Brothers Glossary

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers GlossaryYou know how you get into a room full of doctors and they start talking their own language? Pneumothorax this and Craniectomy that. Well, security folks have their own language too. It certainly doesn’t take years of college to understand, but to the uninitiated, it can sound like Greek. At Kenton Brothers, we have our own dialect of security language. I wanted to take a moment to help initiate those of you who are interested.

The Kenton Brothers Security  Glossary

It didn’t grow there. – Papa Kenton used to use this to “encourage” the technicians to think about how the problem became the problem and then fix it. Also known as “Figure it out”. (See our story about the McGyver Award.)

Handing – The way we use to describe how a door swings on its hinges. There are four handings, Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Hand Reverse and Right Hand Reverse. The easiest way I’ve heard it explained is: from the locked (secured) side of the door, If the hinges are on your right and the door pushes away from you, it is a Right Hand door. A door with hinges on the left and pulls towards you is a Left Hand Reverse. Door handing helps us determine the right locking hardware for the door.

Secure side of the door – Describes the side of the door that has the key. It would be on the “outside” of the room or building. You have to find the secure side of the door before you can hand the door (see above on handing). This seems like a simple task, but in larger buildings with multiple hallways, it’s not always easy. The secure side of the door will receive a reader and the other side of the door will receive the request to exit.

Request to Exit (REX) – A device, usually a motion detector, that tells the access control system that someone is getting ready to leave the unsecured side of the door. We use a REX to tell the access control system that the opening of the door is “Authorized”. Using a reader is the other way we can “authorize” the door opening. If a door is opened without being “Authorized”, The access control system will send an alarm called a Door Forced.

Company Culture

SPICED ICE – This is the acronym for our core values. The acronym stands for Service, Quality, Partnerships, Integrity, Continuous Learning, Ethics, Dependability, Innovation, Customer Focus, and Employee Focus.

The KB Way – How we embody our “Customer Focus” core value. It can mean a lot of different things, but it’s basically the way we treat you, our customer. We make sure to introduce ourselves when we arrive on site. Then we explain what we’re going to do, shake you hand, look you in the eye, and make sure that you’re satisfied with the result of our visit. We strive to also leave some “Comeback sauce”.

Comeback Sauce – Something we can do for the customer that isn’t necessarily expensive, but makes a large impact. It can be as simple as fixing a hinge when re-keying a door, or checking to see if there’s something else we can do to improve the customer’s day.

McGyver Award – An award we present to the technician who best demonstrates the ability to fix whatever is in front of them, regardless of the tools/parts they may have available at the time. This award is named for the hit 1980s show where the protagonist could get out of any jam with a paperclip and his trusty Swiss army knife. A McGyver award recipient doesn’t have to be told “It didn’t grow there”.

Favorite Slogans

Be Prepared – We’ve repurposed the Boy Scout motto. Our customers generally tell us the symptoms of the underlying cause. It’s our duty to think about what causes correlate to the symptom that’s being described. And then we need to take all the tools and parts necessary to get the customer up and running as soon as possible. Technicians who demonstrate the “Be Prepared” attitude, don’t need to McGyver the solution.

Rocking the Blue – We all wear the “KB Blue” as a sign of our pride in being part of the KB team. Being part of this company’s 120 year history is a big part of why we get up in the morning. Fun Fact: KB Blue wasn’t always blue. It used to be plum… (Shhh.)

Polish the Diamond – This is our focus for 2018. We’ve been working on our policies and procedures to make it easy to do business with us. We reorganized the business internally to give our customers more communication, with a more focused team. We have realigned processes for our external and internal customers to make everything flow more smoothly. There will always be work to do, but we’ve already made some large changes, and will continue to do more throughout the year.

All Secure – is our battle cry, our focus. We use this term to focus the team on making sure our customers are secure.

IP Convergence – The shift in the security industry that takes access control and video surveillance from proprietary wiring to the network. The IT network is ubiquitous in businesses. Placing the security devices on the network saves money and increases their effectiveness.  Each device now has computing power that can be used for detection and decision making.

How does mowing your lawn affect home security?

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers: How mowing can affect your home securityDid you know that a home in the United States is broken into every 15.4 seconds? 73% of these homes are broken into during the day, usually through a forced door or window entry. The vast majority of these break-ins are crimes of opportunity. A thief drives around and looks for opportunities to make a quick score.

We’ve compiled a list of things that a thief looks for, and also what you can do to help prevent being a victim.

A home with a lot of concealment
Overgrown bushes, lots of trees, junk or debris in the yard give crooks things to hide behind, away from neighbor’s prying eyes

A home with a lawn that isn’t cut
This tells them that you may be on vacation

Newspapers and mail
If they see lots of newspapers and mail, they think you are on vacation

A house with poor lighting
Darkness is the best concealment

Easy access
Open doors, windows, garage doors and unlocked gates are all opportunities for thieves

If you leave your ladders or install trellises that act as ladders, the crooks will use them to access the upper floors where a homeowner or child may leave a window unlocked

Lack of security signs or cameras
If presented with a choice between a home with cameras and visible security signs and one without, they will almost always go after the softer target

This is another crime of opportunity – if the packages are left on the porch in plain site, they present an quick and easy payday for the thief

So you may ask yourself, “Self, how do I take steps to prevent a thief from targeting my home?”

Kenton Brothers: How mowing can affect your home securityHere’s a simple prevention checklist:

  • Be sure to lock all doors, windows, gates and garage doors whether your home or not
    • Look into key-less door locks and put closers on gates
  • Trim all bushes and trees to reduce concealment for thief’s in your yard
    • Bushes shouldn’t be over three feet tall and trees branches shouldn’t be below 7 feet in your yard. This will allow people to see anyone approaching or leaving your home
  • Mow your lawn regularly, and when on vacation make arrangements for someone to do it for you
  • Have a neighbor pick up mail and papers or suspend their delivery while on vacation
  • Make arrangements to pick up packages at the post office, or have them delivered to work. Alternatively, you could have a lock-box on your porch for package deliveries
  • Store ladders and other equipment inside your locked garage or shed
  • Invest in video surveillance and an alarm system for your home. Make sure you place a yard sign letting people know that you have a security system and place stickers on doors and windows letting thieves know you’re protected