Employee Spotlight: Alana Hanly, Sales and Administration

Alana HanlyBy Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers.

Alana joined the KB team during the summer of 2018 in Sales Support and Administration. She’s been such an influential part of the team that she is transitioning into a full time Sales Consultant role.

Alana really enjoys customer interaction and helping others find a good solution to their needs. She was drawn to the security industry by happenstance, but ultimately fell in love with the field. Security aligns with her personal beliefs of protecting people, property and possessions.

Alana is focused on advising customers on our maintenance service programs, selling commercial mailbox solutions as well Garrett Metal Detectors and accessories.

On a personal note

During her personal time, Alana stays very busy as a mother of two… her son Ian and daughter Sofia. She enjoys spending time with her diverse group of friends. Alana volunteers for the Catholic Church to teach religious education. And she is an avid concert goer and a connoisseur of dairy free baked goods!

Alana’s favorite thing about working for Kenton Brothers is the culture. We’re truly a family of choice and she enjoys spending time with co-workers (and the KB puppies) inside and outside of the office while keeping up with the KC community.

Alana Hanly

Employee Spotlight: Meshack Kwembe, Apprentice

Meshack KwembeBy Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

Meshack Kwembe is Kenton Brothers newest apprentice.

Born in the Congo, Meshack grew up chasing elephants with his six siblings. He then moved to South Africa near the Cape Town area as a young child. He lived there until a few months ago.

One of his older brothers was an electrical engineer and would take Meshack out on job sites. This exposed him to a lot of electrical applications which sparked his interest in electrical work as a career. That’s why he then went on obtain a degree at the University of Cape Town specializing in Electrical studies.

In 2016, three of Meshack’s older siblings came to the United States. After a couple of years, they relayed to the family that the United States was truly a wonderful place to live and work. They saw many opportunities and invited the rest of the family (mom, dad and four younger siblings including Meshack) to join them.

Kenton Brothers’ Apprentice Program

Meshack has greatly enjoyed his time in the United States. He was drawn to Kenton Brothers’ Apprentice program. He knew this would advance his knowledge and skill set. He hopes to someday take all that he is learning from opportunities here in Kansas City back to South Africa.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know and understand about Meshack’s culture. He is teaching me Swahili… one of the four languages he is fluent in. He is always appreciative and he’s got a genuine spirit that makes him a positive role model to all of us at Kenton Brothers.

Meshack enjoys spending time with family, watching soccer and attending school to enhance his guitar playing. He enjoys jazz music when he isn’t working.

We’re excited to see what the future brings for him and so happy to have him as a part of our Kenton Brothers team!

Employee Spotlight: Rob Powers and KB Wichita

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

Rob PowersRob Powers is the territory manager for Kenton Brothers’ Wichita division. He comes to KB with nearly ten years experience.

Rob became drawn to the industry due to an opening at a previous company. He was always interested in security, but was focused on other services, and the new role provided a good opportunity. “I’ve always been intrigued by the technology and capabilities that cameras possess and how they integrate with access control systems.” says Powers.

Security Plans for Businesses

Rob really enjoys working with people. He is also very interested in problem solving and helping a business put together their security plan. He likes providing a consultative approach to educate so they can make the most informed decision while maximizing the dollars in their budget. Rob likes the ever-changing technology and satisfaction of managing security systems and utilizing their full capabilities.

Rob Powers and FamilyRob’s goal this year is to ensure that consumers in Wichita and the surrounding area understand and know all that Kenton Brothers has to offer. Finished Commercial Doors, Frames, Hardware, Keying, Access Controls, Video Surveillance, Metal Detectors, Turnstiles and Mechanical and Electrical Locking Hardware are just a touch of what KB has to offer.

Rob is happily married to his wife Jamie and has two beautiful boys, Braxton and Blaine. He enjoys spending time with family and watching nieces and nephews participate in athletic events (when he is not working hard developing security solutions!)

Employee Spotlight: Jessica Wright

By Kristen Harper & Kassie Lyons

Kenton Brothers: Jessica WrightIf you’ve called Kenton Brothers for service, then you’ve probably talked to Jessica Wright.

Jessica started in February this year as our Junior Field Service Coordinator. She came to Kenton Brothers as someone new to this industry, but she has really embraced the KB way. When asked what she likes about working at Kenton Brothers she said, “I love that we’re family oriented. We don’t judge each other. We all work together to build each other up as a team, rather than working for one person’s glory.”

Jessica is originally from the Kansas City area, but has moved all over. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, reading, and running. Here at KB, we like to tease Jessica over her love of dinosaurs and the movie Jurassic Park. We should have gotten her one of those T-Rex costumes for Halloween!

Jessica also values spending time with family, specifically her Grandmother and sharing all the enjoyment of chicken farming.

Jessica has been a fantastic addition to Kenton Brothers and with her can do attitude and always giving 110% effort in everything she does she has quickly become a valued and dependable part of the team that we are so glad to have!

Employee Spotlight: Todd Fletcher, Security Consultant

By Alana Hanly, Sales Support and Administration Specialist at Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers: Todd FletcherWe’ve recently welcomed many new faces to the Kenton Brothers team! We want to debut one of our newest Security Consultants, Todd Fletcher. An Alumni from Northwest Missouri State University, Todd has over twenty years of experience in sales in the Midwest. Originally, Todd started his career working with hospitals, starting his morning with visits to the operating rooms, but eventually saw the excitement and growth in IT and transitioned to commercial security solutions. With valuable expertise and experience in Access Control and IP Video Surveillance, Todd will be a fresh eye for security solutions to our existing customers as well as an expert for our new customers to count on.

Enjoying Both Sides of Missouri Life

Todd is originally from Iowa but has relocated to the Kansas City area with his wife, Angie, his son Jacob, and his youngest daughter Abagail. His oldest daughter Emily is happily married in Iowa. True to his Midwest roots, Todd enjoys life outside the city family with a large extended family of farm pets, including two horses, two dogs, two cats, two ducks, and forty-four chickens!

We are lucky to have this good ole’ country boy on our team and are looking forward to his future success.

Kenton Brothers: Todd Fletcher Kenton Brothers: Todd Fletcher