Supporting Newhouse KC and Golfing with KU Coach Bill Self

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Courtney Thomas - CEO and Chief Visionary Officer at Newhouse KCCourtney Thomas is a great leader and advocate for eliminating domestic abuse. As President and CEO of Newhouse, she and her team are working hard to raise awareness in Kansas City and to change the future of men, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. She CAN imagine a day when children no longer witness abuse and the cycle is broken. That’s why she does what she does every day.

Newhouse is Kansas City’s first domestic violence shelter. Founded in 1971, Newhouse is recognized as a state leader in innovative practices and survivor-centric services. Newhouse shatters the barriers that feed the cycle of abuse and partners with survivors to achieve safety, self-sufficiency, and whole-person healing through our ecosystem of transformative services.

Kenton Brothers appreciates what she and so many others are accomplishing in support of local survivors and families. During last years’ Imagine a Day Gala, we invested in a special treat… a day of golf with KU’s Coach Bill Self!

The week had finally arrived, and even though they were facing 100 degree temperatures, the team came together for their exciting day of golf and ‘coaching conversations with Bill Self.

Supporting Newhouse KC and Golf with KU Basketball Coach Bill SelfTeam Members (Left to Right)

David Strickland is a huge KU fan who played football there in the 90’s and now has a daughter going to school there as well. I was touched by the impact this experience had on David, and how Bill Self impacted him. David said, “Top 10 lifetime days today. Was blessed to spend six hours with the GOAT, Bill Self today. I learned that he is thoughtful, humble, smart and above all else, a man of character. As a Jayhawk, a Dad, and a leader, it was amazing to listen and to learn from the best in the world. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!”

If you’re interested in learning more about Newhouse, their amazing services and upcoming events, please check out their website.

The 2023 Annual Kenton Brothers Family Picnic!

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

2023 Kenton Brothers PicnicIt’s Summer time! The sun is shining and the weather is great in KC!

The annual family picnic is a cherished tradition for Kenton Brothers. It offers a unique opportunity for team members and their families to come together in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. We have a blast, but there are other benefits.

We refer to our team as the KB family.

Kenton Brothers is a fourth generation family-owned company that has a great philosophy: Family First. Each year, we host an annual family picnic to celebrate our “Why?” Ask anyone on the team why they work so hard, they will tell you. Family.

In the fast-paced and high stakes industry of Security Integration it’s very important to stop once in a while and enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the fruits of our labor. The KB Family picnic allows our team members to connect on a personal level and take the time to bond. By sharing a picnic table, engaging in friendly conversations, and participating in various activities, team members build stronger relationships and develop a deeper understanding of one another outside the confines of the office or job site.

At KB we LOVE opportunities to get together. The annual family picnic is one of our favorites!

2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic

2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic

2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic

2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic

2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic

2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic 2023 Kenton Brothers Picnic

#KBGivings: Meal Prep Saturday for Ronald McDonald House Charities

By Alana Hanly, Security Consultant at Kenton Brothers

Our Kenton Brothers family runs and operates on a dynamic series of schedules as we install, maintain and consult our customers on the ever changing needs to keep their people, properties and possession safe. Recently we took a moment to pause, deliberate as a team, and thanks to the efforts of our Kenton Brothers Kulture Club, organize a team give back Saturday.

KBGiving - Ronald McDonald House KBGiving - Ronald McDonald House KBGiving - Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Giving back to our customers is important, especially those who are constantly supporting our local community. This is why it made perfect sense to give some time and effort to our partner, Ronald McDonald House Charities. This organization is always looking for an extra volunteer or two to help with their many initiatives. We decided that providing meals to one of their family areas was the best choice.

If you aren’t aware, Ronald McDonald House Charities has family rooms inside both of the Children’s Mercy Hospitals in the KC Metro. These family rooms are for the parents and siblings of patients to rest and grab a bite to eat while their children receive care. We went to one of these locations to make quick lunchboxes for anyone that visited. The room itself has an entire kitchen that can be used to prep food. Thanks, to the generous donations of our employees and local grocery chain, our group of five adults and three kids were able to put together about 50 lunchboxes in record time!

It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. One of our participants affectionately described it as, “Soul Food.”

KBGiving - Ronald McDonald House KBGiving - Ronald McDonald House KBGiving - Ronald McDonald House

Get Involved!

If you’re ever looking for a way to volunteer for an organization doing a lot of good, reaching out to Ronald McDonald House Charities is a great first step. We’re so lucky to be partners with an organization like Ronald McDonald House Charities and look forward to serving them and our community again soon!

Monkey Brain Art – KC United Art Festival

Monkey Brain ArtBy Erik Andress, Sales Management Professional at Kenton Brothers

On October 8th, we joined veteran artists and local artists to raise awareness and funds for Monkey Brain Art held at the National WW1 Museum & Memorial for their second annual KC United Art Festival. Monkey Brain Art is a non-profit organization whose mission is to use art creation, meditation and mindfulness to calm the unsettled minds of Warriors who have PTSD.

Kenton Brothers participated alongside one of our partners, a sponsor of the event, Black & Veatch. Jon Gann and I helped with the silent auction and raffle. There was a signed Patrick Mahomes jersey, as well as a raffle to win a Garmin watch. And Alana Hanly and her family came by later to help with the take down of the booths. Thank you for allowing us to collaborate and support such a great event and an amazing cause!

To learn more about Monkey Brain Art, or,  if you missed the event and would like to donate to their cause, please visit Money Brain Art’s website.

Their Story

Founders, Gary and Trish Walker, have experienced the benefits of the healing practice of art, meditation, and mindfulness to combat the trauma of PTSD. Both having traveled the journey of the unsettled mind, continue to use these techniques to treat their own trauma. Gary, a Disabled United States Air Force Veteran and artist, practices art to quiet his crushing anxiety and depression.

Trish Walker, a licensed Yoga Instructor, and recent Breast Cancer Survivor, provides her experience and expertise to provide help and care for others in crisis. Together, Gary and Trish, bring a blend of art and meditation techniques that will assist in unlocking new ways to cope with restless minds and spirits associated with PTSD.

The Monkey Squad
Their team, The Monkey Squad, is made up of individuals who are warriors who have a huge passion for art and helping walk with their brothers & sisters as they find their way back to themselves.

Kenton Brothers Sponsors The KC Blind All-Stars Foundation 5K

KS School for Blind and Deaf 5KBy Erik Andress, Sales Management Professional at Kenton Brothers

It was a perfect (almost) fall morning on Saturday, September 24th, when Alana Hanly and I loaded up our families and met at the Kansas State School for the Blind. The children had donuts; the adults had caffeine. (Ok, ok, fine… maybe a donut or two for the adults as well.)

As soon as we parked, we heard the DJ playing fun, uplifting music! The morning started with a few announcements, a guided warm-up session and a welcome message from KMBC meteorologist Nick Bender and KCKS Mayor Garner. The National Anthem played, and it was at that moment we knew…today was the day we were going to break the world 5K record. Tensions build, the race starts…

So, there we were, walking at the very back of the 5K.  THE. VERY. BACK.

KS School for Blind and Deaf 5KWe had our very own police escort to make sure traffic understood that we were still, indeed, part of that 5K they just saw go by. But we weren’t alone!  We made several new friends that joined us on the walk. Spread throughout the entire 5K field were volunteers and local cheerleading squads that showed up to spread positivity and awareness.

It was a around mile marker 2 where I asked the police officer behind us for a ride to the end. To which the officer replied, “This ride only goes one way.”  I almost considered it!

However, we finished the 5K together and were almost sad it was over.

The conversation and fun we had was a great way to start our Saturday and it was for such a great cause. We can’t wait to do it again!

The event ended with a fun raffle and a blind soccer demonstration. (Thanks for having us!!!)

KS School for Blind and Deaf 5KProceeds benefit the KC Blind All-Stars Foundation (KCBAS), supporting the Kansas State School for the Blind (KSSB). The monies raised from this year’s event will go toward replacing the gym floor at KSSB. The goal this year was to exceed what they needed to renovate the gym, then begin work on their other athletic facilities.

At Kenton Brothers Systems for Security, we believe it is important to take an active role in giving back to our community. It is so rewarding to participate in these kinds of events. And we love raising awareness for various not-for-profits doing good work all over the Kansas City Metro and beyond.