SmartScan Screening Solutions from Garrett Metal Detectors

By Alana Hanly, Security Consultant at Kenton Brothers

Garrett Metal Detectors - SmartScanIn 2020, many businesses have responded to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to provide solutions that we at Kenton Brothers like to call COVID Fighters. Our partners at Garrett Metal Detectors have developed a fully HIPAA compliant solution called SmartScan. This technology allows you to assess an average of 400 people an hour for health and safety screenings, hands on or hands free, in a single walkthrough.

Key Features of SmartScan

  • Quick-start operation
  • Fast detection of incoming traffic
  • Does not slow down your existing screening process
  • No technical staff needed to make initial temperature evaluations
  • Garrett Metal Detectors - SmartScanNo additional components requiring more floor space
  • Intuitive status indicators for startup, calibration, and elevated temperature alarms
  • A CTR (Constant Temperature Reference) is not required for operation
  • Visual and audible alarm options
  • False Alarm mitigation through non-facial detection sensing
  • Visual and audible alarm options
    • Patron Throughput Counting


The SmartScan Metal Detectors are made and assembled in Garland, Texas, making them Buy American Approved, Section 889 Compliant, and NDAA Compliant for our critical infrastructure. This means that they are an approved investment with Cares Act Funding and utilize technology only from safe trade partners.

SmartScan Technology

Garrett Metal Detectors - SmartScanThe SmartScan system will scan temperatures using a dual camera system that can discreetly provide a lighted “Go” or “No Go” indication to an operator assigned to the unit. When no operator is present, the indication system is easy to understand, allowing guests to proceed through the detector with no delays. In addition, it will also generate the throughput counts for review without keeping any other personal data of guests or employees that use these walk through metal detectors.

This solution is offered as a new accessory feature to the PD 6500i and MZ 6100 units, and existing units can be retrofitted with the technology. The field upgrade process is a quick process for existing Garrett users. For PD 6500i users, Garrett’s Quick-Q™ cellphone elimination technology can be used in conjunction with SmartScan to further expedite the screening process and promote touchless screening.

This is a great solution when you need to quickly assess a lot of people moving through commercial spaces.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about how Garrett Metal Detectors with SmartScan technology can protect your People, Property and Possessions.

The Return-to-Work Wellness System

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers

Safe Spaces

Facial Recognition + Pre-Screening = Safe Spaces

For the last 10 months, we have been asked about Covid-19 related solutions. KB offers both hands free physical security offerings as well as technology based solutions. We all agree that the same people who want a secure building also want a safe building. We’ve covered several of those solutions, but most of them lack reporting or detailed data about the results of their effectiveness. However, two high-tech teams have worked together to provide just that. I’d like to introduce you to InReality and PopID….who have created an easy to use return to work wellness system.


InReality is a company that uses data to show reports and trends for any sensor data that can be obtained. They leverage those skills to make our workplaces safer.

They’re offering a Safe Spaces solution where a pre-screening questionnaire (or several versions) can be used by employees, sent to visitors, or displayed on-site. The questionnaire can be customized and designed around your company’s needs. After pre-screening, the user gets a Go/No-Go answer.

Addition information can be provided to the user and alerts can be sent to HR. For an employee, the result is, by default, saved and linked to the employee for contact tracing or other needs. For visitors, the results are saved, but not linked to a person. Getting a “Go” result for the screening is step 1 to obtaining a physical or virtual “badge” to show proof that the whole screening process has been completed.

Safe Spaces Safe Spaces


PopID is an expert in facial recognition. They use facial recognition to send payments to a business, ticketless entry into a venue and gain access into a building. Now they’re using that power to make our workplaces safer. After the pre-screening process is completed, the user goes to the place of business and uses a PopID unit to recognize them and take their temperature. Facial recognition is usually used for employees and turned off for visitors, but that is configurable.

Step 2 of the screening process is getting your temperature taken on site. This is where PopID’s PopEntry+ steps in.

Safe Spaces Safe Spaces


PopEntry+ is an integrated thermal imaging system that features employee temperature verification. The CDC recommends daily health checks for the workplaces seeking to resume business operations. Using advanced facial recognition technology paired with a highly accurate thermal camera, POPEntry+ enables temperature screening of your employees, keeping your workplace safe and healthy.

  • Enables fully-automated temperature testing of the employees and guests.
  • Enables temperature testing without any hands touching the device.
  • Ensures humans do not need to get close to do temperature testing (like with hand thermometers)- Accuracy Distance: 2-3’ ft.
  • Includes a customizable health screening questionnaires delivered to the device display.
  • Enables digitized and automated audit trail in the cloud for showing protocols are followed.
  • Works with masks and is spoof-proof.
  • Greatest accuracy with Infrared Thermal Imaging.
  • Notify individuals of their current status via PopID Mobile
  • Badge enables individuals to show others they’ve been recently temp screened.
  • Notifications for temp screening times and locations.
  • Alerts for testing results

The PopEntry+ device adheres to the CDC’s official guidance for mitigation for COVID-19 — “temperature screening” of “staff entering buildings.” Also, the EEOC updated its legal guidance that now expressly acknowledges “employers may measure employees’ body temperature.”

Once the person has their temperature checked, they also get a Go/No-Go decision. If everything is good to go, the person gets a badge printed or issued to their phone. Alerts can be generated for people with elevated temperatures. Again, all data is logged to InReality’s platform for future reporting and helpful dashboards.

This is the story of two companies partnering to make returning to work safe for everyone.

The solution is scalable and can generate reports and dashboards more than any solution we’ve seen so far. As always KB is here to serve.

If you would like more information on the Safe Space solution, let us know how we can help.

Protecting the Herd – Efficient Temperature Scanning with Opgal Solutions

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers: Boonville Schools Case StudyIf you really think about it, “Protect the Herd” has really been the theme of 2020. Since March, everyone in the United States has been hyper-focused on making sure COVID spreads as slowly as possible. Ideally, we could get the spread to stop altogether, but so far, we’ve not been able to achieve that. Of course, as we all know by now, all it takes is one infected person to hang out with a new herd and that herd typically becomes infected.

Unfortunately for human herds, we’re part of multiple herds. Each of us probably has a family herd, a work herd, a school herd, and a friend herd.

So how do we protect the herds?

The most effective way to protect the herds is complete isolation. But as social creatures, that only lasted for so long. The show must go on, right?

One of the most effective ways to make sure herd members are healthy is to monitor body temperature. That seems like a simple enough task, but as the size of the group grows, the task gets more daunting. How do we scan temperatures for a couple of hundred people every day? For large businesses and schools, this is the challenge.

Opgal, with their elevated body temperature (EBT) scanning solution is answering the challenge.

Elevated body temperature scanning is a little different than measuring everyone’s internal body temperature. These scans measure skin temperatures to screen people that need to be checked out more thoroughly. Scanning skin temperature is much faster, and much less invasive, which helps hundreds of people get to school or work in minutes rather than hours.

When someone passes in front of the camera, the thermal camera scans their skin temperature. It will instantly alert the appropriate people that someone’s skin temperature is elevated and they should get checked out. After someone has been flagged, they need to have their temperature checked and fill out a questionnaire (or other method of health verification). This targeted testing focuses on the people who are most likely to be sick. This saves time, money, and stress for everyone involved.

Kenton Brothers: Boonville Schools Case Study Kenton Brothers: Boonville Schools Case Study

 Safe Spaces

Kenton Brothers: Boonville Schools Case StudyA local school district in Mid-Missouri has implemented Opgal at all of their primary and secondary schools. Nine Opgal cameras installed on mobile carts monitor staff and children as they enter the schools. They’re able to process over 1,500 people every day. The Opgal solution has been installed since the end of August. Although Opgal has not “caught” anyone with an infection yet, there also have been no school-related infections to date. (That herd must be doing the right things!)

If your company faces the same kinds of challenges, like protecting a larger herd every day, let us help you meet the challenge head-on!

Cobalt Robotics Offers Return to Work Solutions

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

From risk mitigation conversations to return to work strategies, one thing is for certain – The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way we do business.

The pandemic has introduced a whole new set of rules and threats to an organization:

  • How do I keep my assets protected while not exposing my team to infection?
  • How do I safely integrate team members back into the workspace?
  • What is my new business continuity plan look like with lessons learned over the last 5 months?

The “new normal” requires a long term strategy. There are complex considerations and Safety and Security Robots should be a part of that conversation.

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security offers the Cobalt Robotics Solution to help support these long term strategies. Along with the 60 sensors that Cobalt Robotics deploys in its usual role of safety and security robotics, it now offers a complete Covid-19 response solution. This solution delivers weekly reports that allow you to understand and drive behavioral change.

Along with traditional access control and commercial video surveillance solutions we offer, the Cobalt Robotics solution can conduct temperature screenings with a built-in thermal camera, utilize machine learning models to identify face coverings and other forms of PPE, and apply computer vision technology to monitor for social distancing.

Temperature Screening Capabilities

Cobalt Robotics: Back to Work Solutions

Download the Cobalt Robotics Return to Office Solution PDF

Cobalt’s system combines a high-end FLIR camera with a thermal black body to screen your employees, guests, and visitors for elevated skin temperatures with accuracy within 1° F. Unlike other solutions, the Cobalt solution captures temperature readings from tear ducts, the most reliable proxy for internal body temperature. Our unique design guides individuals through the proper screening steps without further exposing them to the spread of COVID-19.

The Cobalt Robotics solution integrates with your existing protocols and performs within the constraints of your privacy policies.

Mask, PPE and Social Distancing Alerting

On patrol, Cobalt robots can detect mask and PPE compliance and either alert immediately or report at the end of the day all alert instances depending on the direction from the customer. Cobalt robots also have the ability to monitor the work environment for social distancing and either alert immediately or report at the end of the day.

Ready to Roll?

If you’re ready to learn more about the solutions offered by Kenton Brothers Systems for Security and Cobalt Robotics, let us know. We can deploy within 7 days! Please call us to set up a demo.

Cobalt Robotics: Back to Work Solutions

COVID Fighter – Opening Office Doors Without Using Your Hands

By Ryan Kaullen, Field Services Manager at Kenton Brothers

You can’t turn on the TV, read a news article, or go anywhere without hearing about COVID. And rightfully so. COVID is causing uncertainty in our world, but one thing is certain… Kenton Brothers is working at the forefront to help our customers stay safe and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Wrist Pulls, Push Plates and Foot Pulls

COVID Fighter: Foot PullsRecently, we’ve been getting requests and calls for help related to door hardware. Our customers are asking, “How can we add safety features to keep our employees safe while keeping our doors/openings functional?” In response, we’ve been installing wrist pulls, push plates, and foot pulls at our customer sites to meet this growing need.

Wrist pulls, push plates, and foot pulls allow employees to go in and out of doors without using their hands. A perfect example of this type of project was the recent installation of 38 restroom doors on a multi-floor office building. We can keep the functionality of commercial doors intact, maintaining a clean and professional appearance, while increasing the health safety for the staff.

Want to know more about COVID Fighter solutions?

Is your company looking for ways to offer hands free solutions to openings at your facility? We would love the opportunity to show you our full line of COVID Fighter offerings. These include hands-free mechanical locking hardware, touchless Commercial Access Control, and Commercial Video Temperature Monitoring solutions. Give us a call!

COVID Fighter: Hands Free Mechanical Locking Hardware COVID Fighter: Hands Free Mechanical Locking Hardware