Installing a camera without wires or power? Solar to the rescue.

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers

Installing a camera without wires or power? Solar to the rescue.In a lot of ways, the requirements to install a commercial security camera are usually pretty easy to accomodate. 90% of the time we need just one wire that is smaller than your pinky finger. We can install that wire inside, outside, in conduit, or even stretch it between poles. We used to have limits on how far away a camera could be installed, but with new wire technologies and PoE extenders (Power over Ethernet), distance is rarely an issue. However, there are still times when you just can’t get a wire to where you want to install a camera.

The next best option is to at least have a power source. With a constant power source, we can at least power the camera and hopefully connect it to a wireless or fiber network to get the signal back to a base station. Kenton Brothers has installed numerous cameras where the only resource we had was power. Entire city blocks are blanketed with a wireless network for this type of security situation.

But what is the solution when you have to have a camera, but don’t have power and can’t get a wire there?

Solar Power

Installing a camera without wires or power? Solar to the rescue.Solar power is not a new thing. It’s been around for decades. The hard part about solar is not the technology or the calculations, the hard part about solar is deploying it. Solar panels work by charging a bank of batteries when the sun is out and then using the batteries to power equipment when it’s dark.

First, of course, is knowing the load that will be running on the circuit. Second, is knowing which solar zone you’re in. (This is a measurement of how much sun you can expect in the area you will be deploying solar.) Last is knowing how long you need to be able to tolerate not having any sunlight. Based on all of that information, you or your solar system provider can determine how big the solar panels will need to be and how many will be needed to support periods of time without sunlight.

Solar Kits

A solar kit comes with solar panels, a solar controller, and batteries. What isn’t commonly thought of is the size of the panels and the weight of the batteries. For a recent project at a lake, our single 300-watt panel was about 3′ by 5′. This large surface area acts like a sail in the wind . If installed on a pole (the most likely type of installation) you have to account for the wind when specifying the size and strength of the pole. Likewise, the batteries that were needed for this installation weighed almost 120 pounds!

Using solar panels on poles provides a way to install cameras where there is no wire and no power. The solar panels can support the power requirements of the camera(s) as well as communication equipment like point to point or wireless. (It would also be possible to record locally to the camera or a weather hardened server, but a bit more challenging to get to that data.)

As you can see in these project pictures, the end result is a sturdy, self contained, solar powered security camera with a wireless data connection. And it’s high enough off the ground to avoid tampering.

If you have a unique situation where you aren’t sure how to get power and connectivity to a camera, give us a call. We will have the products and techniques to solve your problem!

Installing a camera without wires or power? Solar to the rescue. Installing a camera without wires or power? Solar to the rescue.

ISC WEST Update: Axis Communications shows off new advancements!

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Axis Communications set the bar high at ISC West this year with a robust offerings of product advancements. Axis walked away with a lot of hardware from this year’s conference. We will delve into the new features and uses of three remarkable Axis Communication devices and their advancements: the AXIS Q9307-LV Dome Camera, AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera and the intelligent AXIS D2210-VE Radar. From advanced video surveillance to innovative radar technology, these devices are advancing the way we approach security.

AXIS Q9307-LV Dome Camera:

The AXIS Q9307-LV Dome Camera is a powerhouse of surveillance technology. Combining sharp video and two-way audio with actionable analytics, this all-in-one device helps improve safety, security, and operational efficiency. It offers a great solution for remote monitoring and communication while safeguarding privacy. Designed from the ground up for use in healthcare the Q9307 is much more than a camera, it’s an all in one platform designed with efficiency in mind.

Check it out in action here:

All-in-one audio-visual monitoring device

  • MP video with two-way audio.
  • Preinstalled audio and video analytics.
  • Remote monitoring while safeguarding privacy.
  • Withstands chemical wipe-downs.
  • Cost-efficient all-in-one device.
  • 4K Sensor: Delivers high-resolution video footage with exceptional detail.
  • Advanced Image Processing: Ensures clear and crisp images, even in low-light conditions.
  • IR Illuminators: Provides visibility in complete darkness for round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Remote Zoom and Focus: Offers flexibility in installation options for various mounting positions.
  • Support for Analytics: Enables advanced features such as motion detection and audio detection for proactive security measures.
  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, adaptable to different environments.
  • 5 year warranty.

AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera: Protecting a variety of staff members in real time

Wearable cameras deter bad behavior and positively influence the public and camera wearers alike. Axis W110 Body Worn Camera brings these benefits to the workplace for sectors like retail, healthcare, transportation, and more.

AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera makes employees feel like they’re not alone. It deters violence and false accusations and contributes to a sense of well-being in the workplace. An indicator light and voice message on activation let people know it’s recording. It’s compatible with Body Worn Live for live streaming. It captures reliable forensic evidence and documents compliance thanks to sharp images and voice-enhanced audio-in. Plus, nearby wearables can be activated automatically when one person turns on their wearable camera. That – together with pre-buffering of up to 90 seconds – helps you capture all of what really happened from multiple angles. AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera provides security personnel with a powerful tool for documenting incidents and enhancing situational awareness. Compact and lightweight, this body-worn camera can be easily attached to uniforms or vests, enabling hands-free operation without impeding mobility.

Equipped with high-definition video recording capabilities and a wide-angle lens, the AXIS W110 captures clear and comprehensive footage of on-the-ground situations. Its rugged design ensures durability in challenging environments, while features such as GPS tracking and Wi-Fi connectivity enhance accountability and streamline evidence management processes.

Ideal for law enforcement, security patrols, and frontline responders, the AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera empowers personnel to capture critical evidence, de-escalate volatile situations, and uphold safety and security standards with confidence.

  • Lightweight and compact (75 × 55 × 19 mm).
  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Open standards for easy integration.
  • True end-to-end encryption.
  • Signed video/firmware, secure key storage.

Check it out here:

AXIS D2210-VE Radar: Revolutionizing Perimeter Protection AXIS D2210-VE Radar represents a paradigm shift in perimeter protection, leveraging advanced radar technology to detect and track intrusions with unparalleled accuracy. Unlike traditional motion sensors, which are prone to false alarms triggered by environmental factors, this radar device offers reliable detection capabilities in all weather conditions and lighting environments.

With a detection range of up to 100 meters and customizable detection zones, the AXIS D2210-VE provides comprehensive coverage of large outdoor areas, such as parking lots, industrial sites, and critical infrastructure facilities. Its integration with video management systems enables seamless collaboration between radar data and visual verification, enhancing response times and reducing false alarms.

By combining radar-based detection with intelligent analytics, the AXIS D2210-VE delivers proactive perimeter protection, allowing security teams to identify potential threats early and take decisive action to mitigate risks effectively. D2210-VE offers a 95° field of detection and can detect, classify, and track humans up to 60 m (200 feet) and vehicles up to 90 m (295 feet). And, with road monitoring profile enabled, the detection range for vehicles increases up to 150 m (492 feet). The radar also provides the exact position of the detected objects. AXIS D2210-VE can be used stand-alone for non-visual monitoring while safeguarding privacy. Or it can be used to steer a PTZ camera for visual verification. Furthermore, with smart coexistence functionality, it’s possible to combine up to eight AXIS D2210-VE radars in close proximity. And, you can even expand the installation with up to six AXIS D2110-VE radars and customize your detection area depending on your needs.

  • 60 GHz radar for area and traffic monitoring 24/7.
  • 95° coverage to detect, classify, and track objects.
  • Area and road monitoring profiles.
  • Monitor vehicle speeds up to 200 km/h (125 mph).
  • Easily connect using PoE out and edge-to-edge.
  • Compact design with integrated LED strip.

Check it out here:

Axis continues to support the changing needs of their customers worldwide.

As the security threat landscape continues to evolve, Axis Communications remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering advanced devices that empower organizations to safeguard their assets, protect their people, and mitigate risks effectively. From high-performance dome cameras to revolutionary radar technology, Axis devices are reshaping the landscape of security, providing users with the tools they need to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security is a proud partner with Axis Communications. Every member of our Security Consultant team is certified by Axis to represent their line. Let us know how we can support you!

The Fortified Village: A Fable of Kenton Brothers Systems for Security in the Medieval Realm

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Welcome to Eldoria

The Fortified Village: A Fable of Kenton Brothers Systems for Security in the Medieval RealmIn a distant medieval realm, nestled between rolling hills and dense forests, there existed a peaceful village named Eldoria. The villagers, content in their simple lives, lived in harmony with the land. However, peace is a fragile thing, and the tranquility of Eldoria was shattered when rumors of marauding bandits spread like wildfire. Travelling caravans spoke of their perils and the destruction left behind by these marauders.

These bandits, known for their cunning and ruthlessness, struck fear into the hearts of the villagers. As the threat loomed larger with each passing day, the village elders gathered to seek a solution. It was then that a wise elder, known for his sagacity, spoke of a distant land named Kansas City where Kenton Brothers Systems for Security thrived. This organization, led by the great Lady Gina of Lee’s Summit, was known across the land as the protector of the realm.

Emissaries were dispatched to seek the aid of Lady Gina and Kenton Brothers, and after a long and perilous journey, they arrived at the gates of the city to visit the renowned security experts. The village’s plight reached the ears of Lady Gina and her band of Knights. It was agreed that something must be done to help the people of Eldoria.

The emissaries returned to Eldoria with the good news.

The villagers were filled with hope as they eagerly awaited the arrival of the Kenton Brothers Knights that promised to fortify their village and repel the bandit threat. A caravan bearing the emblem of Kenton Brothers arrived in Eldoria. The villagers marveled at the advanced equipment and the skilled craftsmen who had journeyed to their humble abode.

The head of the caravan, a seasoned security expert named Sir Neal of Systems addressed the villagers.

“Fear not, good people of Eldoria, Lady Gina has heard your pleas for help. Kenton Brothers stands ready to fortify your village against the menace that plagues you,” Sir Neal proclaimed. The crowd cheered as Sir Neal dispatched the Knights of Kenton Brothers across the village to assess the current state of defenses.

Gathering that evening in the Great Tent of Engineering, the knights reported all levels of defensive capabilities and the changes need to repel the great horde of bandits quickly closing in on the village. The Eldoria leaders grew fearful as they heard the reports and understood how poorly the city was prepared for what was to come.

All Eldorian hearts were heavy until Sir Ryan of Service loudly proclaimed that there was no task too great for Kenton Brothers Systems for Security and that working together with Eldoria, great works could be done and they will be prepared to face the threat! The Eldorians were filled with confidence from the Knight’s enthusiastic statement and cheered their support! Laboring through the night, assisted by oil lamps,  Kenton Brothers and the Eldoria leaders created a plan that would preserve their village and surrounding areas.

And so, the work began.

The craftsmen from Kenton Brothers labored day and night, constructing a formidable perimeter around the village. Towering walls were erected, equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems that could detect the slightest movement in the surrounding forests. Access control points were installed, ensuring that only those with the villagers’ best interests at heart could enter. Village elders were trained in recognizing threats and identifying counter measures. They in turn trained other villagers on situational awareness and what steps to take to keep their crops, livestock and family safe.

As the villagers observed the transformation, a newfound sense of security enveloped Eldoria. The once fearful whispers were replaced with hopeful conversations, and the children played freely in the meadows once again.

The Bandits

The bandits, hackers, thieves and nare do wells have had an easy time raiding villages throughout the land. Running unopposed across the lands, growing rich in spoils and reputation. Many times raiding abandoned villages as the people would run away in fear the night before. The Bandits numbers growing daily as evildoers all over the realm sought out easy payoffs.

Unaware of the changes taking place in Eldoria, the bandits planned their next raid. Little did they know that Eldoria was no longer an easy target. The night they chose to strike was a dark and bitter night.

As the bandits approached under cover of darkness, they began to set off perimeter alarms. The Eldorian villagers were alerted and immediately sprang to action. Alerts were repeated and everyone assumed their given role and position on the defensive line. All of this before the bandits even knew they had been detected.

The bandits launched their first attack! The bandits encountered an impenetrable barrier – the walls of Eldoria fortified by Kenton Brothers Systems for Security. As the bandits futilely attempted to breach the village, the surveillance systems alerted the villagers and the guards stationed at strategic points. Sir Neal of Systems, leading the defense, rallied the villagers to stand united against the common enemy. The bandits, disoriented and outmatched, were forced to retreat into the darkness from whence they came.

Enraged, the leader of the bandits decided to try again by attacking the rear defenses. There stood Sir Ryan and his Eldorian defenders waiting on the bandits as the surveillance system tracked their movements through the forest. All night long, wave after wave of bandits crashed unsuccessfully against the defenses. Cheers arose at dawn’s light as the bandits scurried into the forest in defeat.


Word of Eldoria’s successful defense spread far and wide, reaching the ears of neighboring villages facing similar threats. The reputation of lady Gina and Kenton Brothers Systems for Security soared, and emissaries from other realms sought their expertise to fortify their own villages against banditry and other perils.

Emboldened by their success, the villagers of Eldoria embraced their newfound security with gratitude. The partnership forged with Kenton Brothers became a symbol of hope, illustrating how advanced security solutions could safeguard even the most vulnerable communities.

As the years passed, Eldoria thrived under the watchful eyes of the Kenton Brothers and their band of Knights and craftsmen. The villagers no longer lived in constant fear, and the bandits, aware of the impenetrable defense, dared not approach the fortified village. The people of Eldoria flourished, their once humble abode transformed into a beacon of safety and prosperity across the lands.

And so, the tale of Eldoria became a legend passed down through generations – a testament to the transformative power of Kenton Brothers Systems for Security in a medieval realm. The villagers lived in peace, secure in the knowledge that their fortified village was a shining example of how innovation and collaboration could triumph over adversity.

If your village is in danger, please send a rider at once!

Parks and Rec Project: No Network? No Power? No problem.

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers

Challenging installs are our specialty.

Parks and Rec Project: No Network? No Power? No problem. We love a good challenge, and love creating the right solution to meet the need. The latest challenge comes in the way of no network, lots of trees, and in some places… no power.

A local county Parks and Recreation group came to us with several places they wanted to have cameras. They have an existing Milestone commercial video surveillance system in the county, but it was not integrated with their parks and rec department. The team wanted to cover marinas, several park shelters around lakes, and a few trailheads that had no power. The final goal was to integrate everything into the Milestone platform so there is more visibility.

Remote Locations

The first challenge is how remote some of the locations are. An internet connection was available in 8 of the 30+ locations they wanted cameras, but the internet connections were not very strong or fast. We need to make sure the cameras are recording reliably, so we placed servers at the 8 locations as centralized storage spots for the cameras around each area. In one instance, we installed a server at the marina.

Parks and Rec Project: No Network? No Power? No problem. Parks and Rec Project: No Network? No Power? No problem.

No Local Area Network (LAN)

The second challenge is that there is no network at several of the shelters where the department wanted cameras. Of course, wireless radios are nothing new, but we have lots of trees in the way. We had to get pretty creative to make a path from the cameras back to the marina, with line of sight for the radios and the least number of “hops”. There were several times we had to direct the signal away from the marina so that we could collect many signals in one place, and then send it all back to be recorded on the marina server.

No Power

No network is for sure a challenge. But the hardest challenge can be no power. We had to move  to a solar solution to power the cameras.

It’s always fun to overcome technical challenges. Projects like these are memorable and satisfying. Do you have an interesting situation to deal with as you consider improving your commercial security posture? We’ve dealth with literally hundreds, and if you have something new, we would love to tackle it with you. Please give us a call.

Unveiling the New AXIS P1468-XLE: Revolutionizing Surveillance in Hazardous Environments

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Unveiling the New AXIS P1468-XLE: Revolutionizing Surveillance in Hazardous EnvironmentsAs part of the Kenton Brothers Systems for Security core values: Innovation, we strive not only stay on top of the newest technology but bring it to you, our customers, when we come across true game changers. The Axis P1468-XLE is one those game changers.

The NEW AXIS P1468-XLE Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera has emerged as a groundbreaking solution tailored for Class 1/Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 environments. This state-of-the-art camera redefines safety and security, offering unprecedented features designed to meet the stringent requirements of hazardous areas.

Class 1/Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 environments are known for their potentially explosive atmospheres, often found in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, distilleries and manufacturing. In these settings, conventional surveillance systems may pose safety risks due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dust. The AXIS P1468-XLE addresses this challenge by providing a robust and reliable solution that ensures continuous monitoring without compromising safety.

Key Features:

Explosion-Protected Design:

The AXIS P1468-XLE is engineered with an explosion-protected housing, ensuring that it can operate safely in hazardous environments. This design minimizes the risk of ignition in the presence of combustible substances, making it an ideal choice for areas where safety is paramount.

Built In Plume Detection

Smoke alert analytics monitors for signs of smoke or fire in potentially combustible environments. In operational efficiency applications, “There’s no smoke without fire” is a proverb most of us are familiar with, but even taking its literal meaning is of value: smoke is an early warning sign of a much more serious potential issue if not tackled quickly.

In any environment – from public spaces to warehouses, from stadiums to factories – it’s obvious to say that smoke itself and certainly the fire that might follow is a serious risk to human life, let alone the damage it can cause to buildings and their contents.

But in those environments where even the smallest fire or source of ignition could cause a catastrophic explosion, rapid reaction is absolutely essential. Modern network cameras combined with advanced image analysis can be used to detect possible signs of smoke or fire in a scene, complementing and providing valuable time before smoke is detected using traditional methods.

High-Quality Imaging:

Equipped with advanced imaging capabilities, this camera delivers high-resolution video even in challenging lighting conditions. Its ability to capture clear and detailed footage ensures that security personnel can identify potential threats or incidents with precision.

Unveiling the New AXIS P1468-XLE: Revolutionizing Surveillance in Hazardous Environments

Extended Low-Light Performance:

Unveiling the New AXIS P1468-XLE: Revolutionizing Surveillance in Hazardous EnvironmentsThe camera’s low-light capabilities are enhanced, allowing it to capture usable footage in conditions with minimal illumination. This feature is crucial for maintaining surveillance effectiveness during nighttime or in poorly lit areas.

Integrated Infrared (IR) Illumination:

The AXIS P1468-XLE comes equipped with integrated IR illumination, extending its surveillance capabilities into the dark. This feature is essential for 24/7 monitoring, providing continuous security coverage regardless of external lighting conditions.

Remote Management and Monitoring:

The camera is designed to facilitate remote management and monitoring, allowing security personnel to access live feeds and recorded footage from a central location. This feature enhances situational awareness and enables swift response to potential incidents.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

The AXIS P1468-XLE complies with international standards and certifications for hazardous environments, including ATEX and UL certifications. This ensures that the camera meets the strict safety requirements necessary for deployment in Class 1/Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 areas.


Enhanced Safety:

The foremost benefit of the AXIS P1468-XLE is its contribution to enhanced safety. By providing reliable surveillance in hazardous environments, it helps prevent incidents and ensures the well-being of personnel and assets.

Operational Continuity:

The camera’s robust design and advanced features enable it to operate seamlessly in challenging conditions. This contributes to operational continuity by maintaining surveillance capabilities in all circumstances.

Cost-Effective Security:

Unveiling the New AXIS P1468-XLE: Revolutionizing Surveillance in Hazardous EnvironmentsInvesting in a specialized camera designed for hazardous environments is a cost-effective solution. The AXIS P1468-XLE minimizes the risk of equipment failure and potential damage caused by explosive atmospheres, reducing the overall cost of security infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance:

With its adherence to international safety standards, the AXIS P1468-XLE assists organizations in meeting regulatory requirements for surveillance in hazardous locations. This compliance is essential for legal and insurance purposes.

The AXIS P1468-XLE

The AXIS P1468-XLE Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera stands at the forefront of innovation, addressing the unique challenges posed by Class 1/Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 environments. Its combination of advanced features, compliance with safety standards, and commitment to reliability make it an indispensable tool for industries where safety and security are non-negotiable. As technology continues to evolve, the AXIS P1468-XLE sets a new standard for surveillance in hazardous environments, ensuring that organizations can embrace the future with confidence and peace of mind.

Give us a call today to demo one of these amazing cameras!