Employee Spotlight: Rob Powers and KB Wichita

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

Rob PowersRob Powers is the territory manager for Kenton Brothers’ Wichita division. He comes to KB with nearly ten years experience.

Rob became drawn to the industry due to an opening at a previous company. He was always interested in security, but was focused on other services, and the new role provided a good opportunity. “I’ve always been intrigued by the technology and capabilities that cameras possess and how they integrate with access control systems.” says Powers.

Security Plans for Businesses

Rob really enjoys working with people. He is also very interested in problem solving and helping a business put together their security plan. He likes providing a consultative approach to educate so they can make the most informed decision while maximizing the dollars in their budget. Rob likes the ever-changing technology and satisfaction of managing security systems and utilizing their full capabilities.

Rob Powers and FamilyRob’s goal this year is to ensure that consumers in Wichita and the surrounding area understand and know all that Kenton Brothers has to offer. Finished Commercial Doors, Frames, Hardware, Keying, Access Controls, Video Surveillance, Metal Detectors, Turnstiles and Mechanical and Electrical Locking Hardware are just a touch of what KB has to offer.

Rob is happily married to his wife Jamie and has two beautiful boys, Braxton and Blaine. He enjoys spending time with family and watching nieces and nephews participate in athletic events (when he is not working hard developing security solutions!)

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