Access Control: Here’s Why the Outlook is Sunny in the Cloud.

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Cloud Based Access ControlIn the security industry, cloud based video recording, retrieval, storage and archiving solutions are leading the charge for growing video subscriptions as a service.

The same can be said for cloud based access control systems.

Check out these six reasons why the cloud delivers more value and ease of use:

  1. Lower service and maintenance costs. Managing a system in the Cloud reduces the burden on IT, allows more remote diagnostics and creates the need for fewer on-site service calls.
  2. Users enjoy the most up to date software and features sets, due to the ability to update remotely.
  3. Remote health monitoring. Cloud based system monitoring helps ensure systems are recording when they should and reduces the possibility of events with no video evidence.
  4. Searching and sharing of evidence is easy via cloud export and storage of clips with password protected systems and search tools.
  5. Business intelligence. Cloud based systems provide analytic data that offer insight into business operations from real-time alerting to reports. This data can be used to improve the customer service experience, identify where employees need assistance or training, and prevent downtime.
  6. Ease of use. Cloud managed systems provide faster, easier and timely training via their intuitive interface. They provide more security and speed up the gathering of evidence when needed. The cloud systems offer greater flexibility by being accessed from a desktop, web browser or mobile device; therefore, easier and less work for IT teams.

Let the security consultants at KB answer your questions about moving your access control to a cloud based solution. We’re here to help!

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