High times in Missouri: Recommendations for grow site perimeter security.

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers.

Correctly identifying the proper perimeter solution for cannabis grow sites could literally mean harvesting all of your crop… or none of it. Here is the Kenton Brothers Systems for Security recommended approach to the perimeter of your growth or manufacturing site.

Each state is different, and your state regulations should be referenced while reading this recommendation.

Cannabis grow sites fall under the heading of internal or external based on where they grow their crop – inside or outside.

We will tackle most complex first – The external grow site.

The external grow site has plants that are open to the elements and are not confined by four walls. Many external grow sites have buildings for marrying their plants, extraction, packaging etc. but the crop goes through its growth cycle outside in the elements.

One of the greatest challenges for outdoor marijuana grow sites is perimeter security. It is common knowledge that 8 ft. fencing, even with barbed or razor wire can be thwarted easily. Many grow site owners have experienced heavy losses by people or animals climbing over, under and cutting through the normal security chain link fence.

Network Perimeter Solutions

At Kenton Brothers, we highly recommend that you protect your investment with a network perimeter solution.  A networked perimeter solution incorporates sensors that continuously measure and report on wire tension and monitor fence structure vibration or movement. Sensors can be used with or without an energized pulse to detect intrusion without the intruder being aware.

The system intelligently differentiates between serious breaches and disturbances by wildlife, birds or harsh weather conditions. False alarms are prevented, and intruders are unable to use the cover of adverse weather to breach the fence undetected.

When a fence sensor is triggered an alarm will activate for that zone, allowing guards to immediately focus their attention where it’s most needed. Full integration with imaging systems provides a visual and audible record of events that can be viewed as a live stream or relied upon as evidence if required.

Missouri Regulations

Regulations in Missouri require that the fence be at least 8 ft. high and completely surround the crop. The area must be well lit and also be under surveillance at all times. Each of these regulations are important and have specific purposes forensically or after a crime has occurred.

The network perimeter solution goes beyond this by acting as prevention and proactive deterrence by intelligently alarming on detection and even giving a non-lethal jolt to any intruder trying to enter the facility illegally.

Internal grow sites do not require fencing or a network perimeter solution to be compliant. However, we do recommend that one is placed to surround employee parking areas as well as delivery and shipping areas of your facility. It is beneficial to control access to these areas as they are the most vulnerable throughout the day. By extending your perimeter, you are keeping your employees and your investment safe.

Do you have questions about how a network perimeter solution could benefit your organization? Please give us a call!

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