Just For Fun: Bring Your Chicken to Work Day?

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers.

Bring your Silkie Chicken to work day.You might have heard that we’re a dog friendly workplace. Recently, we decided to expand that to being a chicken-friendly work place. Mollie Porter, a Project Administrator at Kenton Brothers Systems for Security, decided to bring Silkie chickens into her a life as a potential 4-H project for her son. When her kiddo didn’t have as much interest as she’d hoped, the chickens became family pets that were kept around for eggs (each hen produces one egg per day) and snuggles.

Silkies are a smaller breed of chicken that are very docile, people friendly and have a more downy texture. The biggest struggle Mollie has incurred with her chickens is keeping opossums out of the coop. Other than that, they’re a low maintenance pet that will even come when called.

We really enjoyed spending time with the chickens and learning about them during our first ever Bring Your Chicken to Work Day. (We did have to keep all the puppies home that day for chicken safety.)

Bring your Silkie chicken to work day.


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