Employee Spotlight: Shawn Hamilton

Kenton Brothers - Shawn HamiltonBy Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

Shawn Hamilton joined the KB family when one of his family members called him to see if he was interested in a new job opportunity. Shawn of course said yes, and was hired on the spot during his interview. He spent one year in Inventory, then four years at the front counter, and the last five years in the field as a service tech. He said, “I have gotten the opportunity to be certified in several different positions in KB.”

Shawn specifically enjoys going all over the city and learning several different unique situations. Being able to learn every day as well as teaching himself new innovative ways of getting the job done. Shawn really enjoys the work we do with the KC Royals which has placed him in several situations to see players practice and allowed him to have in-person access to the field/dugouts/club levels and hall of fame!

“I love working with everything. It keeps my mind busy and learning every day. Being certified in safes for the government keeps me very busy learning how they work. I like seeing the different kinds of safes and applications that work with them.”

Shawn really enjoys being part of a family that has been in business for 125 years… Fourth generation owned. And being recognized for his accomplishments!

Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and family, making custom jewelry and is one of the best salsa and pickled veggie makers around town!

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