What is the KB Way?

By Justine King, Sales and Marketing Administrator at Kenton Brothers

Simply put, the Kenton Brothers Way is a strict set of principles each and every one of our employees are expected to adhere to. We believe that every aspect of our service both begins and ends with the customer; therefore, it is of the highest importance that our entire team follows the KB Way.

The Importance of High Standards in the Security Industry

Here at Kenton Brothers Systems for Security, we recognize the importance of the products and services we provide. Our customers trust us to protect what they hold dearest. For this reason, we focus much of our attention on building partnerships with our customers. The most effective way to prove our loyalty is by carrying out the KB Way in all aspects of our services. This means from the beginning of our sales process to the conclusion of onsite service.

Embody the KB Way

  • Be a good human: This is as simple as it sounds – be someone Mom would be proud of.
  • Know and understand KB core values: Our values are the center of how the Kenton Brothers business is run.
  • Protect people, property and possessions: We work hard to protect what our customers have worked hard for.
  • Do what you say you will: Our employees are expected to follow through and will be held accountable.
  • Clean up after yourself: Cleanliness speaks volumes.
  • Remember the customer pays our bills: The customer is everything – KB begins and ends with ours.
  • Work smart: Anticipate, be efficient and productive. Always stay five steps ahead of the competition.
  • Be prepared: Know your scope and be on time. Preparation is essential for every aspect of KB.
  • Be respectful of others: This includes internal and external customers.
  • Be respectful of your equipment: Organization is a necessity for any great company.
  • Look the customer in the eye and thank them: We appreciate our customers for their continued support.
  • Attitude is everything, KB employees will always pick a good one.

Kenton Brothers: What is the KB Way?

How Do You Represent the KB Way?

“Part of the KB Way is KB’s mission to protect people, property and possessions. As the Security Systems Engineer, I help design the systems to do just that.” – Spencer Wagaman, Security Systems Engineer

“I represent the KB Way by really thinking about the customer, both internal and external. When I get a call from a customer, I try to assess what they need, what their problem is to get that fixed as soon as I possibly can. For internal, I love to help out with any projects in any way possible.” – Kassie Lyons, Accounting Specialist

“I represent the KB Way by working hands-on with software to assist our customers.” – Daniel Bouton, Remote Services Engineer

“I believe I represent the KB Way in my dedication to provide as much knowledge, vivacity and care to my customers and coworkers. I believe it is important to show that I not only care about supporting each of their needs, but I also, like to see them smile.” – Alana Hanly, Security Consultant

KB Way Quotes


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