You would be surprised how differently people behave when they know they’re being watched.

By Ryan Kaullen, Field Services Manager at Kenton Brothers

In the fall of 2022, Kenton Brothers performed a video monitoring installation with a large, regional banking customer. They were having issues with how their employees were being treated verbally and sometimes physically at their tellers’ stations. The theory behind the installation was that if people can see themselves on camera and see how they are acting, then perhaps they wouldn’t act poorly. And if it worked, it would reduce these incidents in the work place and make their employees feel safer and happier.

Commercial Video Surveillance - Customer Monitors Commercial Video Surveillance - Customer Monitors

Viewing Monitors = Safer Work Places

The results of the install have been extremely positive. The results were so positive that Homeland Security has since told our customer that this should become a standard across all of their banking footprints. Not only has it stopped violence against the bank employees, it also cut back on fraud as these monitors catch different angles, angles that overhead cameras don’t capture.

Kenton Brothers has been commissioned on several more of these projects for our bank customer and moving forward they will start unrolling them at their other branches.

The video from these monitors is housed within the customer’s video management system (VMS) and can be viewed within the VMS client software. (And their existing storage and retention policies dictate how long the video will be available.

Commercial Video Surveillance - Customer Monitors Commercial Video Surveillance - Customer Monitors

What does it take to do this install?

The installation of the monitors is relatively easy. The monitors can be mounted in many different spots with various angles depending on the end goal. Typically, the install of the cable and monitors is a two day install. During that time, the individual teller stations will be non-operational for an hour or two, so the down time isn’t extensive. Of course pricing is dependent on the number of monitors and number locations.

The bottom line is that this commercial video surveillance monitoring solution captures different angles, puts people on camera and changes their behavior in positive ways. This directly affects the safety and security of the employees and the facility.

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