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Bracketology: The Madness of the Bracket!

Guess What?!  It’s that time of year again. The air is thick with polls and speculation on who will make the cut and enter the 2017 NCAA Basketball tournament. This time of year is always a nail biting experience for the fans that are preparing to fill out their bracket(s). Everyone dreams of winning it […]

Catching Crooks & Drinking Beer. The Stolen KC Story.

Every so often something happens in your life to give you pause. Sometimes, the changes affect you personally and sometimes they can affect a lot of people. In December of 2014, David Brucker faced just this type of moment.  David is an owner of the local business Hometown Lawn. David and his team work hard […]

The Pain and the Pleasure of Modernization

Oh, the pain! That searing white pain that starts in the temples. You can feel it enter every synapse in your brain. The questions start… How can I move my company forward? Are my competitors passing me by? How do I break down the walls of that dreaded, dark, deplorable word: LEGACY. Do I throw […]