Kenton Brothers “Miss You!” Weekly Webex Meetings

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

In this unprecedented time, Kenton Brothers has found a fun way to continue nourishing our team culture by means of social distancing. Every Friday we have themed virtual Miss You meetings via WebEx.

So far, we’ve enjoyed Easter, the 80’s and Taking it to the Tropics themes. The staff dresses up with items they have on hand and attend our Webex Video Call. They show off their fun attire and background props. The start of the meetings are so much fun… you never know what you are going to see. And these are people you’ve worked with for a long time… so it’s even more shocking and funny.

Kenton Brothers - Miss You Weekly Video Call - Easter Kenton Brothers - Miss You Weekly Video Call - 80s

We incorporate some type of virtual game or storytelling for everyone. For example, “What is your favorite Easter Memory?”, “Where is your dream vacation destination?” and “What three things would you take on a desert island if you were stranded?” At the end of each meeting, everyone votes on the best costume. The winner hosts the next weekly meeting and chooses the theme.

We’ve found these are really keeping our staff engaged. We can’t see each other as often, and this is a fun way to reconnect.

Our next theme will prove to be a new and exciting challenge as we attempt a virtual murder mystery! At KB, our culture is what sets us apart from many companies. We’re excited to have found a unique way to keep that going while staying safe and healthy. If you have any ideas for themes, let us know!

Kenton Brothers - Miss You Weekly Video Call - Vacation Kenton Brothers - Miss You Weekly Video Call - Behind the Scenes

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