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Welcome to the Kenton Brothers Systems for Security
Technology Update for May 2020.

Right now, the world is finding itself working from home. As a business owner, I’m not able to be at work. But I’m still concerned about my people, properties and possessions. Is my business opening and closing on time? Are the doors closed and locked? Are there any broken pipes? Is the cleaning crew working in the areas they should be? Are my associates being productive?

These are the kinds of questions that can easily be answered with a commercial video surveillance system. Let’s run through a few of the capabilities of the systems we install.

Using remote commercial video surveillance applications, I can check in on my business to make sure each of those concerns are covered. I can do this securely at any time, day or night, from my phone, tablet or computer.

No matter where I’m at, if there’s an internet connection, I can check in on my business in real time. This brings real peace of mind in a troubled time.

Our mission at Kenton Brothers Systems for Security is to protect people, property and possessions. We would love to help you implement this commercial video surveillance solution at your business. If you want to know more, please give us a call at (816) 842-3700.

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