A Security Industry Legend Retires. An Homage to Kip Phillips

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Kip Phillips RetiresKip Phillips is a rare breed in today’s world. He has dedicated 37 years of his life to the security industry, from running his own business Phillip’s Electrical Enterprises on and off for 21 years, to working for other security integrators along the way. Kip began learning the electrical field starting at 8 years old from his father and went to school to become an electrical engineer at Southern Illinois Carbondale. To this day, Kip is a life-long learner and is very passionate and committed to his craft. He has followed in his father’s footsteps by carrying on the tradition of teaching others to share his knowledge and perpetuate the industry.

Kip’s role at Kenton Brothers as Integration Manager was designed to oversee the leadership, training and development of the technicians in the field. He’s a master at streamlining processes and implementing quality standards to ensure that the technicians do the job consistently and with quality.

Kip Phillips RetiresAs a 37 year security industry veteran, Kip’s top tips to be a successful technician include:

  1. You must understand all of the systems involved
  2. You must have the desire for continuous learning; be interested in the technology, the environment you’re working in, and value your hand tools
  3. You must want to learn it, not just do it
  4. You must have the technology skills, but also be willing to get your hands dirty

The technicians that he lead loved his experience and willingness to take time with them to mentor and help them advance in the industry.

“I especially enjoy commercial access control systems because there are so many moving parts. We can do so many things with the options, your imagination with AC is limitless. Protecting people, protecting things, plus it can interface with just about anything-the possibilities are endless!”
Kip Phillips

When asked about the three most influential people that have helped him become the man he is today, he mentions his dad, his wife, and his friend Herb Farnsworth.

“My dad taught me so many skills my whole life from an early age. My wife has been my rock. She has taught me how to enjoy life, encouraged me through my career and is always there to listen. Herb Farnsworth is a unique person and has presented opportunities for many young people. He is responsible for getting me in to the low voltage systems field right out of college. He provided me an opportunity for a career, taught me about the KC market and how wheels of business turn.”

Kip Phillips Retires Kip Phillips Retires

Outside of his work life, Kip is happily married to Angela, his wife of 37 years. They have two adult children and are expecting their first grandchild this summer. Kip looks forward to traveling and camping in state and national parks, spending time in nature and taking care of their new grandbaby.

The KB team has appreciated Kip’s experience, love of the industry, willingness to give of himself and being an overall good human!  Congratulations on your next season of life Kip! We will miss you!

Kip Phillips Retires

We celebrated Kip’s retirement and enjoyed breakfast with Chris Cakes flipping pancakes to the team.

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