KB takes over Blade and Timber

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

A throwing axe was a weapon used during the middle ages by foot soldiers and knights. Axes are usually thrown in an overhand motion (like a baseball) in a manner that causes the axe to rotate as it travels through the air with the hopes of hitting the desired target.

KB Team at Blade and TimberThe KB team embarked on a journey to Blade & Timber, a local axe throwing hot spot. While there, we were treated to individual lessons, unique competitions and lots of laughs. We continue to find the importance in working hard and building personal relationships within our team. It is what separates us from other companies… a companionship as co-workers that helps us overcome any challenge we face.

It is a published statistic that over 85% of all workplace failures have been attributed to a lack of communication. By incorporating team building events into your workplace, you can start tackling more effective communication by increasing positive co-worker relationships. It also never hurts to have some good old fashioned fun!

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Axe throwing is perfect for families, friends, date nights, corporate groups, team building, celebrating special occasions and meeting new people through our shared lanes and leagues. We can comfortably accommodate groups of 100+ people at most of our locations.
Learn more at BladeAndTimber.com.

KB Team at Blade and Timber

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