Kenton Brothers Ladies Take to the Field

Kenton Brothers Ladies Take to the Field

Andrea Quintanar

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

Recently, two of our KB Field Service Coordinators took to the field with our KB Technician Zack Holden. Their goal was to get some hands on training in the mechanical security world. They also wanted to see first hand how these technicians perform their day to day work serving our customers.

Andrea Quintanar noted while traveling with Zack

“How he manages everything on site and the level of organization he has to keep things running fluidly is really amazing!” There is a high level of detail needed to properly care and provide for our customers. She also learned firsthand how to change a lock function, read a blind key code and how to cut keys.

Taylor Peebles also went out on a service call with Zack

“Seeing everything in person & how they (our KB Technicians) function has helped me really understand more about the mechanical side of things. It was so fun to see how it was done.” She learned numerous things such as changing out an E-PLEX lock to a Power Plex lock. It was Taylor’s first time using power tools!

Kenton Brothers Ladies Take to the Field

Taylor Peebles

Many of our customers are on a first name basis with our Technicians. It was pretty awesome feedback for Taylor to hear that she was being trained by the very best!

This was an eye opening experience for our ladies. They now have a greater appreciation for the skill our technicians have and what it takes to get things done the #KBWay.

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