Employee Spotlight: Zach Holden

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers: Zach HoldenZack Holden has been with the KB family now for several years. I took some time with Zack to understand how he got into the industry… he actually wanted to work with his dad.

“I started working in a commercial hardware warehouse for almost five years, learning about different hardware and how to identify them. Then I stopped to see what our locksmith in our department was doing and became interested in how to work on locks. He saw my interest and made me his apprentice for two years… but wanted to do more. I came to Kenton Brothers and began working out in the field where I got to learn even more about hardware,  while being able do what I enjoy. Working with my hands and being outside.”

Zack enjoys specifically working on some of our Midwest accounts that require innovative solutions to get locks on a new type of electronic key. One of Zack’s favorite projects was the full rekeying of the Kansas City Union Station. He has been able to look around enjoy some of the history and architecture of the building and Science City.

When he isn’t working at Kenton Brothers, Zack enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing with his kids, being outside, watching movies and playing video games.

Kenton Brothers: Zach Holden and Family

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