Employee Spotlight: Johnny Manivong, Remote Services Group

Employee Spotlight: Johnny Manivong, Remote Services GroupBy Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers

Johnny Manivong came into the security industry through the Union. Although he started in the high voltage world, he saw other low voltage technicians in the field and felt the lure. Johnny now says he loves the low-voltage side.

“There are so many levels with low voltage. Between the technology and wiring, there is always something to learn. Every day is different.”
Johnny Manivong

Johnny has been at KB for a while, but is now joining Daniel on the Remote Services Group (RSG). The RSG team helps customers and KB technicians by being “at the ready” for calls and questions. Johnny is parlaying his years of field experience to be able to guide new technicians through an installation, or customers in learning a new system.

When Johnny is not helping KB customers and technicians, he enjoys the outdoors with his wife and children. Whether it be kayaking, fishing or camping, if it’s nice, they’re outside. Johnny’s family enjoys hanging out at many of the state parks and surrounding lakes, taking mini-adventures whenever they can.

Johnny Manivong with his FamilyJohnny says he loves the atmosphere at KB. “I love the family feeling. There are no dumb questions. Other places you might get ridiculed for asking a question, but not at KB”.  Johnny also likes the drive at KB. Here, we challenge everyone to stake the next step in their careers. We’re so happy to help Johnny take his next step, still serving the customer, but in a new way.

If you or someone you know might be interested in working at Kenton Brothers Systems for Security, check out our careers page!

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