Rusty Braxdale – Our Very Own Wonder Woman

RustyOne of the most difficult things we strive for is to be successful at work/family life balance. Rusty Braxdale is showing us firsthand how you can accomplish it all with dedication and determination.

Rusty is a two year veteran at Kenton Brothers and an important part of our team. She is definitely one of our MVPs. She started with Kenton Brothers as our Purchaser and has since been promoted to Purchasing & Inventory Manager. She was able to learn a new role in spite of staffing changes. She was able to execute both roles on her own during transition.

In any given week, Rusty is usually the first person in the office at 6:00am. She is the first to lend a helping hand wherever needed, and you can always count on her honesty and integrity.

Rusty is a wife, mother of three and a proud new Grandma! She is one of the best cooks I personally know. She often brings in treats and snacks for her co-workers. Yum. Rusty feels that “Cooking and Baking is a great stress reliever” and a hobby she thoroughly enjoys doing and sharing, for which we are thankful!

So I asked Rusty how she does it all… strong work ethic and a connected family woman. Her humble response was “I just do it…and I don’t think I always get everything done as it should. I can do better.” Her attitude is inspiring! She sets a good example of how to get things done while making it seem effortless.

Some tips she has found that help her achieve this balance are:

  • No Procrastination
  • Strong Organization
  • Can do attitude!

This month, we wanted to celebrate having Rusty on our team. She has the best interests of our customers, the company and her family at heart.