A Man and a Horse are a Powerful Combination.

Author: Gina Stuelke

A Man and a HorseOne of our hard working Kenton Brothers security technicians, Jeremy Shinneman, spends his free time with his good friend Jarrod every Wednesday night. Jeremy is a volunteer with The Northland Therapeutic Riding Center in Holt, Missouri. NTRC is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2000 in response to a strong community need for therapeutic riding. It truly is a special place for special people… the volunteers, the riders and the horses.

Jeremy and Jarrod are both 32 years old and love horses. Each week, they get together for Jarrod to get on one of a dozen or so horses to ride and experience a healing interaction between himself and his horse.

To hear Jeremy talk about his feelings when he’s helping Jarrod onto his horse…. he’s filled with a sense of pride and joy for Jarrod’s ability to feel free.

Therapeutic riding offers people with special needs a chance to learn confidence, leadership, companionship, and responsibility through equine related activities.

A Man and a HorseI was introduced to this great organization at their annual fundraising event, held at the downtown airport last Fall. I’m so proud of the man Jeremy has become and for his contribution of time and love to this organization.

If you have an interest in learning more about NTRC or donating your time or money, please visit their website or call (816) 808-1209.

A Man and a Horse


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