Newhouse: A place of hope for those experiencing domestic violence.

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

newhouse logoOne in three women and one in four men has experienced some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. So that means someone in your family, one of your coworkers, someone you go to school with or graduated college with… someone you know and love has experienced violence.

Courtney Thomas is the CEO of Newhouse KC, a domestic violence shelter, where she’s instilling that hope for other survivors. Courtney knows the pain and fear of that environment, as she grew up living in a domestic violence household until she was a teenager. “Domestic violence is a thief of your childhood. It’s a thief of your self-confidence and your happiness as an adult,” Thomas said.

newhouse newhouse

Statistically, it can take a survivor seven to 10 times to leave their abuser.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline number is 1-800-799-7233. For the Kansas City region, that hotline number is 816-468-5463.

Thank you to the team at Newhouse KC, for doing great work in supporting the Kansas City community. Kenton Brothers Systems for Security is proud to be your security partner and to help bring peace of mind to your residents through a secure environment to live and heal.

newhouse newhouse

KB Sponsors the 1st Annual Troy Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament

By Justine King, Sales and Marketing Administrator at Kenton Brothers

Troy Shaw Memorial Golf TournamentBelton CARES:

Troy Shaw was the Executive Director of the Belton CARES Organization. Belton CARES is a Missouri Department of Mental Health coalition working with First Call and vital sectors of the community to affect positive change for Belton youth.

Their mission is:
To direct, support and actively coordinate efforts of the community to significantly reduce substance abuse, promote youth safety, reduce bullying, support mental health issues, and thereby improve the health and well-being of the community.

Troy’s dedication and passion for Belton’s youth is what motivated others in the community to join the Belton CARES initiative.

“He just always called it stupid cancer,” Troy’s mom Tina Hickam said. Stupid cancer took his life after a two-year battle with melanoma. With Troy gone, many have joined efforts to fill his responsibilities, though no one will be able to fill his passion the way he did.

Troy Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament Troy Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament

Troy Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament:

Troy Shaw Memorial Golf TournamentKenton Brothers was fortunate enough to support the Belton, MO community during the 1st Annual Troy Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament on Saturday August 14th. The golf tournament was in tribute to Belton CARES Executive Director, Troy Shaw. Supporting companies and groups joined efforts to honor the dedication and commitment Troy showed to his family and community.

The tournament was intended to earn the $10,000 endowment for Troy’s Scholarship. However, the event was such a success that it doubled the intended goal thanks to all sponsoring companies and golfers including Kenton Brothers.

The Troy Shaw Golf Tournament is now confirmed as an annual event and Kenton Brothers looks forward to future support of this cause and encouraging the youth of Belton for years to come.

Troy Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament Troy Shaw Memorial Golf Tournament

Pandemic: How the Kenton Brothers team is protecting people, property and possessions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers.

Kenton Brothers: Responding to the PandemicStrange times we live in right now. Less than three weeks ago, the biggest thing on everyone’s mind was the slow countdown to Spring Break. Now, it’s a million things centered around COVID-19 and keeping our families healthy & safe. It’s about washing hands, social distancing and toilet paper shortages. It’s about home schooling, working from home and family neighborhood walks.

Welcome to the 2020 pandemic.

The other side of this story is that there are hundreds of thousands of businesses, schools and churches sitting empty. Owners and shareholders are anxious about their future. There are also thousands of critical business and government entities that must continue operating with essential staff members.

As a designated critical community support company, Kenton Brothers Systems for Security team members are on the job fulfilling our mission to protect people, property and possessions.

Our fleet of highly skilled technicians are out in the field maintaining, servicing and installing video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection systems all over the Midwest. They are busy installing commercial video systems and commercial access control systems that allow displaced owners to monitor their buildings remotely. We are incredibly proud of this team and their professionalism. They’ve all stepped up to support our customers in a time of personal uncertainty and risk.

Chris Skinner – KB’s newly promoted Project Manager

Kenton Brothers: Responding to the PandemicChris said, “Here at Kenton Brothers, we pride ourselves on our customer service. During this time with the COVID-19 outbreak, we are doing everything that we can to keep our customers protected and our employees safe. This is a challenging time for our country. It is a great honor to be a part of an industry and organization that is an essential roll to our community. As this outbreak dissipates, we will all be stronger than when it started. #spreadhope”

Our operations team continues to field calls for support and logistically keep the customer up and running.  They continue to find ways to solve problems, keep the supply chain open and deliver amazing customer service with a smile.

Taylor Peebles – KB’s Field Services Coordinator

Taylor shared, “During this time in our nation when there is a lot of panic, anxiety, stress and fear, I actually feel honored to be one of few people who are needed to keep our city going. I understand how serious this virus is. I also take pride in remaining calm… not only for myself but for those around me. Letting our customers and colleagues know that we’re still here fighting the good fight and protecting those around us can really ease some of the anxiety we as a community are feeling. Fear is contagious. It feels good knowing that I am not spreading fear… but hope.”

Mollie Porter, KB’s Project Administrator

Mollie said, “I feel extremely privileged and blessed to be able to continue working during this time. I know that not everyone is in a position to be able to do this, much less in a career field that their company is essential and is continuing business. This is tough time for everyone and it definitely puts things into perspective, seeing so many companies temporarily shut down.”

From our amazing technicians to our knowledgeable security consultants, from our dedicated operations team to our leadership team, we love our community and protecting people, property and possessions. Stay safe and healthy in the weeks and months to come!

A Call for Backup – Providing Support for the KCPD

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers.

Kansas City Police Department Benefit: A Call for BackupCongratulations to the Kansas City Police Department on their successful benefit on Friday, February 28th! Our City’s law enforcement officers hear and see things daily that most of us are fortunate we never have to imagine. The benefit made a difference for the city’s officers by raising support funds for psychologists to help these officers deal with the gruesome and life threatening issues they deal with every day.

Kudos and thanks to Ed Elder ( and Mark Thompson ( for acting as committee chairs for this year’s successful event with Chief Rick Smith!

I was lucky to try out Officer Sevier’s motorcycle and learn from SWAT specialists that joined our table for dinner.

Shout out to Dave and Holly Brucker and Todd and Melissa Howerton from StolenKC, who were also at our table. They do great work in helping Kansas Citians reclaim stolen vehicles and property ( And you might like this recent article from KCTV5, “The backstory behind the Facebook page finding stolen KC items.”

Kansas City Police Department Benefit: A Call for Backup Kansas City Police Department Benefit: A Call for Backup

Kansas City Police Department Benefit: A Call for Backup Kansas City Police Department Benefit: A Call for Backup


The Power of Pets – Spay and Neuter Kansas City Recap

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers.

Spay and Neuter of Kansas City hosted the biggest event in their history on Saturday, February 29th!

Taking full advantage of the enthusiasm we all have around the Chief’s Super Bowl win, the crowd was excited to celebrate and party at Arrowhead’s Founders Club.

Michelle Rivera has built a great organization with the mission of keeping people and their pets together by providing education, wellness and resources in Kansas City. In 2019, 25,590 pets were served!

Michelle shared a huge announcement with the crowd at the event… they are re-branding to have a more inclusive name. They will now be known as The Pet Resource Center of Kansas City.

Kenton Brothers is a long-time supporter of Spay and Neuter Kansas City and we appreciate the efforts of their entire team who work tirelessly to support pets and families in the urban core of KC. Stop by and check them out! We invited some of our good friends to help celebrate the evening and make a difference for pets in Kansas City.

Special thanks to the following for joining us in support of SNKC:

Pictures do a better job of explaining the joy and excitement of the evening… enjoy!


The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City

The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City

The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City

The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City The Power of Pets - Spay and Neuter Kansas City