Thor Has Nothing on Vince the Hungarian Superhero – An Interview With Vince Gelei

Today our Sr. Security Consultant, Kevin Whaley, CPP interviews one of our newest employees, Vince Gelei. Vince is originally from Hungary so we discuss him coming to the United States and how he got started in the field of computer programming. Vince shares his experiences about what brought him to his current role, how he incorporates the KB Core Values into his daily routine, and even a little bit of advice he has for those desiring a similar career path!

Come and learn about one of our newest team members and the amazing capabilities he brings to the KB team to help protect your people, possessions, and property!

Employee Spotlight: Kip Phillips, National Integration Manager

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Kip PhillipsKip Phillips is a rare breed in today’s world. He has dedicated 35 years of his life to the security industry. From running his own business Phillip’s Electrical Enterprises on and off for 21 years, to working for other security integrators along the way.

Kip began learning the electrical field starting at 8 years old from his Father and went to school to become an electrical engineer at Southern Illinois Carbondale. To this day, Kip is a life-long learner and is passionate and committed to his craft. He has followed in his father’s footsteps by carrying on the tradition of teaching others to share his knowledge and perpetuate the industry.

Kip’s Role at Kenton Brothers

Kip’s role at Kenton Brothers as Integration Manager is to oversee the leadership and management of the technicians that perform the installation of our projects. He also makes sure that our customers get what they need in a timely manner with a successful outcome. He’s a master at streamlining processes and implementing quality standards to ensure that our technicians do the job consistently and with quality.

As a 35 year security industry veteran, Kip’s top tips to be a successful technician include:

  1. You must understand all of the systems involved
  2. You must have the desire for continuous learning; be interested in the technology, the environment you’re working in, and value your hand tools
  3. You must want to learn it, not just do it
  4. You must have the technology skills, but also be willing to get your hands dirty

Kip Phillips' ToolsThe technicians that he is leading love his experience and willingness to take time with them to mentor and help them advance in the industry.

“I especially enjoy commercial access control systems because there are so many moving parts. We can do so many things with the options, your imagination with AC is limitless. Protecting people, protecting things, plus it can interface with just about anything… the possibilities are endless!”

Outside of his work life, Kip is happily married to Angela, his wife of 35 years.

“We enjoy riding bicycles and walking trails in state, national and city parks. I enjoy researching history on old hand tools from the 1880 to the 1950’s. I enjoy the challenge of trying to find rare tools in usable shape. I enjoy finding and collecting old tool hardware catalogs, old hand tools, old “how to books” and old math books. I’ve had tools in my hands since a very early age!”

Kip Phillips and FamilyWhen asked about the three most influential people that have helped him become the man he is today, he mentions his dad, his wife, and his friend Herb Farnsworth.

“My dad taught me so many skills my whole life from an early age. My wife has been my rock. She has taught me how to enjoy life, encouraged me through my career and is always there to listen. Herb Farnsworth is a unique person and has presented opportunities for many young people. He is responsible for getting me in to the low voltage systems field right out of college. He provided me an opportunity for a career, taught me about the KC market and how wheels of business turn.”

We’re thankful to have Kip on our team and love his enthusiasm for all things technical!

Thankful for My 3 Sons. The newest is the biggest handful.

By Ryan Kaullen, Field Services Manager at Kenton Brothers

My 3 SonsI always knew I wanted to be a father, and I’ve been blessed with three healthy and beautiful boys. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you how thankful I am for my family.

I had very involved and supportive parents growing up. My parents were at all my sporting events, they came to all my school functions and we traveled all over the country and the Caribbean together. My father and I are extremely close because of our love for the outdoors and hunting. I knew how much my parents being present and involved in my childhood helped me. I knew that was the same model I want to provide for my family.

Wade, Clayton and Finnick

I first became a father on November 17th, 2017 at 1:06am to a beautiful & healthy baby boy who my wife and I named Wade. A little over 2 years later on November 20th, 2019 my wife gave birth to our next little boy named Clayton and then on September 6th, 2021 we gave birth to our third and yes you guessed it little boy named Finnick.

When Wade was born, I was working for a different company than Kenton Brothers. That company was 45 mins away from home (with perfect traffic) and let me tell you the traffic was never perfect. I also traveled with the company 5-10 days a month. I knew I had to make a change to find the right work life balance.

My 3 Sons My 3 Sons

Finding Balance at Kenton Brothers

My 3 SonsI began my career at Kenton Brothers in August of 2018 and knew immediately I had found the work life balance I was looking for. Of course Kenton Brothers expects their employees to work hard, but when you need to take time for your family, you can. When I interviewed originally with Dave and Gina, they made it very clear that just like work, my family is also a priority for them. It’s all about being a good human in and out of work and taking care of family falls into that category perfectly.

Some of my favorite things to do with my sons are taking them to parks to play, up to our farm to ride on the side by side, four-wheelers, and just being outside together. I think it’s extremely important, especially in today’s day and age to get kids outside, away from electronics, and allow them to be connected with the outdoors and not just a TV.  Sometimes I feel as if my wife and I are herding cats but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I find myself very fortunate and thankful to have three wonderful sons, a supporting wife and family, and a supportive work family. I hope that you are able to enjoy time with your family and loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday season!


Employee Spotlight: Danielle Hoover, Project Administrator

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Soaking up all of the knowledge from her team and being a good human

Danielle HooverWe welcome Danielle Hoover to Team KB! We love the dedication she has brought to the position in the 6 short months she has been on our team. Based on her experience and attention to detail in similar roles, we are confident she will continue to impress us and inspire our KB family. She epitomizes many of our core values such as service quality, continuous learning, integrity and employee focus and brings them into human form every day.

Danielle’s extensive knowledge in the technical field has prepared her for excellence as a Project Administrator in our Field Services department. Her primary responsibility is as a liaison between our installation team and our external customers. She knows that exceptional communication and organization are key components to her success as Project Admin. Danielle’s skills for multitasking and balancing many projects have led to her success.

“I have learned just how many areas and people my job impacts. I help facilitate so everything runs smoothly, therefore I feel empowered. I feel like I have a voice here at Kenton Brothers and that I make a difference.”

Danielle’s primary responsibilities are to work hands on with KB’s Project Managers and our Operations Manager, Kip Phillips. She credits Kip’s attention to detail and approachability as beneficial in advancing her transition and training at Kenton Brothers.

“I work with Kip the most and our positions overlap. I know that Kip has a wealth of experience and knowledge from all of his years in the industry and I want to absorb as much of it as I can… I know that when I am ready, Kenton Brothers will support my ambitions of continuous learning.”

Danielle is happily committed to her boyfriend of two years, Jeff. The two enjoy anything horror and spooky themed. Whether it’s decorating the home with classic horror memorabilia or dressing up for Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunt every Halloween season.

Danielle Hoover Danielle Hoover

Danielle HooverDanielle is incredibly close with her teenage daughter, Vanessa. The two enjoy working out together and share their love of the strange and unusual. Danielle is preparing for Vanessa’s high school graduation in the Spring and is confident that she has equipped her daughter for the adult world and is excited to watch Vanessa go far. According to Danielle, the most important KB Way Trait is to be a good human.

“I think ‘be a good human’ resonates the most with me. I want to be a team player and approachable. I want my coworkers to see me as a positive influence in the workplace and a dependable resource. I try to model these same behaviors for my daughter everyday at home so she is better prepared for the work field.”

We appreciate you Danielle!

Employee Spotlight: Don Brownback, Field Technician

By Justine King, Sales and Marketing Administrator at Kenton Brothers

Don BrownbackDon Brownback officially joined the Kenton Brothers team in June of this year, but has subcontracted as a technician for Kenton Brothers Systems for Security for over 15 years.  Don previously owned, Arrow Lock Service, his own locksmithing business for over 22 years and worked alongside KB on numerous projects.

After many years of running his own business, Don decided to sell his business to continue locksmithing, but without the stress of management. KB was very excited to welcome Don into the family officially after so many years of partnering together. His previous knowledge and experience in the field is what made Don the asset to the Servicing Team that he is.

“The primary reason I knew KB was where I wanted to be was because I already knew the integrity that Gina and Kenton Brothers has and how it was similar values of what I encompassed in my own company. I knew that KB was the perfect match for me and I was the perfect match for Kenton Brothers.”

Since Don has been in the locksmithing trade for over years, he has had the opportunity to watch the field grow and develop. Therefore, he has watched as KB has grown dramatically over recent years into one of America’s top locksmithing and physical security systems providers.

“The possibility for growth and development as a company and where KB is headed in the technical and mechanical security field. I feel like the business is only going to grow more and I am very excited to be apart that growth.”

Don Brownback Don Brownback

Don’s Life Outside of the Office

Don is happily married to his beloved wife for 27 years. He has two kids that are now grown and out of the house. Don likes to spend any of his free time outside of work with his family traveling across the U.S. and seeing all of the National Parks that they can. Along with traveling for family vacations, Don is a dedicated and talented Pinball player and travels for numerous tournaments to compete for Pinball.

“At one time I was ranked top 25 of the world. My goal is to work my way back to that ranking one day.”

Please help us welcome Don Brownback to the Kenton Brothers family with open arms as we are ecstatic to have his knowledge and dedication added to our team!