International Security Conference West 2022 Recap

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

ISC West 2022 RecapWell, the floor was full again after a slow 2021 and there was an exciting energy in the air this year at ISC West. Those of us that came in early for the learning sessions came away better educated, but also excited for things to come.

The buzzwords for this year’s show had to be Innovation and Convergence.


The convergence of Physical and Cyber security was on high display especially during the Early Learning sessions. Roughly a third of the sessions had something to do with the subject. Physical security is no longer just physical security. You must consider the cyber security practices on the physical security network as well as the physical security of your cyber network.

With the uncontrolled spread of IOT and IIOT devices on the worlds network practical solutions must be created by organizations to manage the risk.

The same layered approach to physical security devices can be applied to the cyber security procedures in place and visa versa. During the learning sessions, the instructors spotlighted critical steps in bringing the directors of Physical security and Cyber Security together and knocking down the siloed walls that hold those positions back.

Great Stuff! Check out the Kenton Brothers Blog about the convergence and some of the lessons learned.


Many of the manufacturers on display this year really focused on innovations around automation and making life easier for the integrator and end user. These are both trends we like to support.


ISC West 2022 RecapThe newest weapons detection platform on the market – and WOW is it cool!

Visitors want to move quickly through security checkpoints at a seamless pace, knowing they’re well-protected everywhere inside your venue—while your security teams want the assurance that they can reliably pinpoint and stop threats.

The Evolv weapons detection system combines powerful sensor technology with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics to ensure safer, more accurate threat detection at an unprecedented speed and volume.

Evolv Technology – The New Standard in Weapons Detection


ISC West 2022 Recap - VerkadaVerkada used their marketing talents to draw big crowds at their booth. Guests were greeted with demonstrations of their newest innovative devices including access control, newest generation environmental sensors as well as their staple product Edge and Cloud hybrid recording cameras with on board analytics.

They also spotlighted their new intrusion detection systems. They ran a mean Plinko Machine too! No wonder they’re the fastest growing security manufacturer in the world. You likely know someone with their Verkada branded Yeti cup.

SafeHaven Defense Ballistic Film

Not all innovation is high tech. A retired police SWAT officer asked the question, “How do I contribute to the safety and well being of my community? How do we help keep our kids safe in schools?”

ISC West 2022 Recap - Safe Haven Defense

He decided to bring his experience to bear on the problem of school shootings by researching and developing a ballistic laminate product that is not only effective, but easier to install.

Safe Haven Defense manufactures a Security Laminate that offers superior protection against glass breakage due to burglaries, hurricanes, bombs and even bullets.

Unlike most competing products, SAFE HAVEN DEFENSE laminates are applied onsite to existing windows in commercial, municipal and residential buildings, with virtually no disruption to business activity. No special modifications or retrofitting is required. This is a game changer!

Axis Communications

Axis spotlighted two new exciting innovations!

ISC West 2022 Recap - Axis Communications

AXIS D4100-E Network Strobe Siren is the world’s first network strobe siren, helping to deter intruders, ensure on-site safety and improve operational efficiency with the power of light and sound. Integrated through VAPIX, MQTT or SIP, the device comes with various light and sound patterns to ensure the right level of protection for specific environments.

Based on the open Axis platform, this fully networked product can be connected to any Axis device, Axis VMS, or to third-party VMS and issue warnings and notifications with strobe lighting and/or siren alarms.

ISC West 2022 Recap - Axis CommunicationsSuited to a mobile-first society, AXIS Barcode Reader is an ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform)-based solution that makes it possible for Axis cameras and intercoms to function as QR Code® readers in an access control system. This powerful edge-based analytic leverages the outstanding video quality of Axis devices for reliable, convenient touch-free entry. Simple to install and cost-effective to manage, AXIS Barcode Reader ensures streamlined access control for both single- and multi-door scenarios.

LifeSafety Power

LifeSafety Power hit the show floor hard with it’s newest LSP ProWire enclosures. Each configuration can be customized for each manufacturer and ordered prewired for installation.

ISC West 2022 Recap - Life SafetyThey can be custom configured for each job and then drop-shipped right to the jobsite.  The prewired panels install quickly and reduce valuable manhours on site. We are excited about including them in our integrations immediately.

The world of security keeps growing and innovating.

As we say around here at Kenton Brothers Systems for Security – You must Innovate or Die. Based on what we witnessed at ISC West this year – The Security Industry is alive and well and bullish on Innovation!

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