Kenton Brothers Welcomes Brinton Hallum

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers, talking about hiring a systems engineer named Brinton Hallum.

Kenton Brothers: Brinton HallumBrinton Hallum is a Systems Engineer for Kenton Brothers. Brinton has been in the security and automation industry for 16 years, and his vast knowledge shows it. He’s had a huge impact on KB in the short time he’s been here.

Love of Electronics

Brinton has a love for all things electronic, just like his dad and brother. He remembers his dad always fixing his own electronics from replacing tubes on televisions to building the family’s first computer. Brinton also loves to create, build and improve. He’s upgraded his house with home automation, landscaping, cameras and is currently finishing his basement. Most of the time, he just wants to do it, because he hasn’t done it before.

Work and Play

Brinton plays as hard as he works. He loves spending time with his family. Whether traveling around the country or playing basketball with his son and daughters. The family likes to find new destinations to visit. They’ve been to several beaches in Florida, Estes Park, and are planning on Breckenridge later this year.

Biggest Accomplishment

When asked about his biggest work accomplishment so far, he talked about a recent installation with 525+ camera views and 2 video walls. He worked with the client to import the cameras, provide extensive training on views, maps and access control integration. The result is an impressive display of cameras and capabilities. It’s the single largest video wall installation KB has done, and Brinton was at the center of it all.

We look forward to accomplishing great things with Brinton and we are glad he is on our team!

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