Things have changed a lot since 1897. Customers are the key.

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers, talking about the importance of our customers over the years.

Things have changed a lot since 1897

ModernizationIt’s an interesting experience carrying forward a century old organization in today’s technology driven business environment. Think about the speed at which things move and change today compared to even as little as five years ago. Then compare that back to over 120 years ago when KB was founded…really, almost everything has changed since 1897.

  • Our product offerings and mix have changed more in the last five years, than in the fifty years prior. That will continue to be the case as we’ve opted to embrace the convergence movement.
  • The majority of our products now live on the network.
  • The types of associates we need must be more technology savvy than ever before. The level of IT sophistication required is immense.
  • The titles of the decision-makers, their needs and requirements are different.
  • Faster response times are expected, quicker solutions are required and we are expected to do more with less.

The one constant in our ever changing business is our customers. Without our great customers, we would have no business being in business!

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