Dance of the Dumpsters

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

One chilly, rainy morning I was walking through our beautiful new KB Truman facilities to take out a bag of trash. I made my way to our dock, opened the door to toss the bag in the dumpster and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Our dumpster was gone and our recycling dumpster was knocked over with recyclables scattered amiss….

My first thought… Why in the world would someone steel a trash dumpster? My second thought… Surely no one would take a trash dumpster. Maybe our waste services company took it for some reason. I decided to call them and check this theory out. Well, it was a poor theory. They didn’t come and take it, so who took our dumpster! It was the mystery to be solved.

Thank goodness we’re a top notch security company with only the best security cameras placed strategically “EVERYWHERE” I knew I would have my answer soon. Several people on our staff huddled around a monitor to watch surveillance videos. What we saw was magical.

Due to an unusually high amount of precipitation, the drains behind our facility had backed up. This created a three foot deep lake behind our building. Our two dumpsters performed the most glorious synchronized dance I’ve ever witnessed. It was like a real life version of Fantasia. We were mesmerized and just couldn’t look away.

The answer to where our dumpster went? It was behind the building the entire time… just a little further back than usual. The KB Missing Dumpster mystery has been solved. Please enjoy the amazing “Dance of the Dumpsters”.


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