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The Most Effective Warehouse Security Solutions Today: Part High Tech, Part Low Tech Fundamentals

The most effective warehouse security plan combines high tech and low tech, foundational solutions. Working together, these solutions create a safe, secure environment no matter how tight or sprawled out your area. No matter how many people come in and out a day. No matter what type of inventory is warehoused. High Tech Warehouse Security […]

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security Helps Keep Westport Safe by Keeping Weapons Out

Westport protects patrons with metal detection technology from iconic, local security solutions provider. Kenton Brothers Systems for Security created a metal detection technology package in response to the Westport Regional Business League (WRBL) request for a solution that enhances patron safety without sacrificing the entertainment district’s sense of inclusion. The effort to help keep Westport […]

We’re Moving and Expanding!

By the end of May 2018, we’ll be settled in our new location at 3401 E. Truman Road. It’s only three miles east of our current location in the Crossroads Art District, where we’ve been for the past 46 of the 120 years we’ve been in business. Our new building is ten times the size, […]