Bar K – It’s Like Top Golf for Dogs!

Bar K Bar K

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers.

Kenton Brother’s offices are dog friendly, so we’re used to being surrounded by our canine kids. And we love to have company events outside the office. So we decided to join the two… Kenton Brothers latest investment in fun took us to the hot new dog/human social club positioned on a two acre tract of ground on the shore of the Missouri River at 501 Berkley Parkway.

Kenton Brothers: Bar K Team Outing

It’s called Bar K. (Bar for humans, Bark for dogs, get it?)

Bar K brings community minded people and their dogs together to share connections in a joyful and creative space.

Many of our peeps brought their significant pups… of all shapes and sizes. Some of our clan included Maggie, Hershey, Vespa, Boomer and Piper. In addition to great food and drinks, there were ice water stations, agility courses, puppy play spaces, adoption events in their Petfinder Park, and lots of room to run and wrestle with the other doggy guests.

Bar K is touted as the happiest place on earth. And we agree! Our team had a fantastic evening together surrounded by dogs. Thanks for a great event venue!

Kenton Brothers: Bar K Team Outing

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