Huhtamaki Commercial Video Surveillance Project

By Justine King, Sales and Marketing Administrator at Kenton Brothers and Garrett Scarlett, Commercial Sales at Kenton Brothers.

Huhtamaki Commercial Video Surveillance ProjectHuhtamaki Oyj Industries is a century old company dedicated to making product packaging that plays a significant role in food safety and convenience. With the DeSoto plant greatly contributing to overall North America sales, it was vital that the entire facility be secured from corner to corner. Both employee and infrastructure safety are crucial to Huhtamaki, and they were looking for a partner to help identify needs, develop site plans and layouts, and execute the plan quickly to improve their safety, systems and processes. Kenton Brothers was up to the task!

Problem: Huhtamaki’s Obsolete Wiring Systems

Huhtamaki had an aged, analog wiring system mixed with an out-of-date IP video system. Coverage was lacking both inside the plant for employee safety and around the exterior of the plant. Huhtamaki had a desire to monitor plant parking areas, identify what vehicles were entering their property, and monitor critical plant machinery for uptime and efficiency.

Identifying Huhtamaki’s Needs

Kenton Brothers worked with local plant decision makers to determine the most important features for safety moving forward. Critical points were identified. Increased parking lot clarity of video was a must, including a camera capable of license plate identification at the entrance. Monitoring critical plant machinery for employee safety as well as providing crucial information during incident investigations was also a requirement. This included manned workstations as well as automated plant processes around managing paper waste.

With the needs identified, Kenton Brothers got to work developing a site survey of existing systems and new camera locations.

Solution: Increasing Coverage with State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance

Milestone LogoKenton Brothers took advantage of the already installed Lenel security systems to make integration seamless. Lenel and Milestone’s technology partnership is excellent. And we chose to install the new Milestone Video Management solution to meet Huhtamaki’s current and future security needs.

Milestone’s Video Management solution with Axis Cameras and VAPIX Commands gives plant managers and operators immediate access to any camera from a workstation or mobile device. This application is a web-based interface that includes unlimited video client downloads on a large scale through no extra cost to the customer.

In order to ensure a successful implementation of the new proposed solution, Kenton Brothers broke the project into two phases. The first phase to implement the majority of the Milestone solution, and the second phase to address any missing video coverage so that the entire facility will be under commercial security camera surveillance.

Securing DeSoto: Phase 1

The first phase was to focus on interior/exterior surveillance by updating current cameras and installing additional cameras to guarantee the entire perimeter of the building was covered.

Much of this phase was focused on the installation of a primary long-range, high clarity, exterior Axis camera strategically located to cover the entire west side of the facility. This camera includes the vehicle identification capability to detect color, make, model, and vehicle tag identification information. From certain angles, the high clarity camera has the capability for potential vehicle operator identification. This rare feature gives Huhtamaki operators the opportunity of preventative distance security that other facilities may lack.

Securing DeSoto: Phase 2

It was very important to Huhtamaki that the entire facility was secured, therefore the second phase would be dedicated to additional missing video coverage. This Video Surveillance solution for Huhtamaki not only updated all systems the employees relied heavily on, but increased the coverage of all high-risk areas of the plant.

If you need to update your commercial ip video and surveillance cameras, we would welcome the opportunity to show you what is possible! Please give us a call.

Global Solutions: Easily Centralize Control of all your Locations

By Ryan Kaullen, Field Services Manager at Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers has the honor and privilege of working with many types of customers including government entities. Recently, a governmental client located in the state of Missouri wanted to expand their access control system. The goal was to deploy it globally across their different physical sites across the state.

You may ask, “What’s a Global Solution?” Think of it like an ecosystem that enables users to knit together an entire security management system & video management system under one, centrally controlled, and distributed network.

S2 Security LogoThis specific customer uses S2, an access control platform that Kenton Brothers supports and installs. This access control application made sense for the customer for many reasons, including the ability to monitor and manage multiple locations centrally. They can quickly build reports that run on a schedule, make security changes immediately that are reflected across the entire system, and build and administer global access levers that grant permissions across the entire organization.

Kenton Brothers: Global S2 Solution for Governmental Entity

Our S2 based solution took care of a major need for this customer. Previously, they were using a collection of off-line systems. These included mechanical systems with no audit capabilities and individual access control systems with no standardization.

The S2 Global solution allows them to have standardized security across all of their sites. They’ve reduced their liability, upgraded their commercial security, and adopted a centrally managed system. The results? Their business is more efficient, they receive expedited alerts of security issues, and they have the ability to expand their coverage across future sites down the road.

Whether Kenton Brothers’ clients need a standalone system or something as intricate as a global deployment for their business needs, we are able to help and guide our customers down the path that best protects their people, property, and possessions.

Kenton Brothers: Global S2 Solution for Governmental Entity

Allen County Law Enforcement Center Case Study – Security Solutions for County Jails

Allen County Law Enforcement Center was securing their facility with 16 year old systems that were no longer supported by the manufacturers. We fixed that.

Project Update: Commercial Turnstile Installation

Kenton Brothers is in the business of protecting people, property and possessions. We’re honored to install many types of commercial security equipment for specific custom applications. When we received a request for a new, large turnstile custom application from a long-time customer, we were excited to tackle the project.

Turnstiles in general can be tricky for several reasons. Some of these include the area of install, requirements of our customer, integration with commercial access control, and the requested timeline. Working with our customers to figure out their specific needs is crucial to an install like this. And the planning always has to have the end goal as the focus.

Turnstile Project Turnstile Project

Some of the specific challenges during this installation included the area the install was to take place. The work had to be done during a plant shutdown or on an approved weekend. The integration of the turnstile with their commercial security system was also important. And the exact placement of the turnstile mattered.

As the installation progressed, our technicians had to use forklifts to move components of the turnstile down a narrow hallway. There was almost no room for error. Once dropped into place, the turnstile had to be anchored correctly, and then the integration of the turnstile began.

The result is that Kenton Brothers was able to provide a custom application to fit their exact needs… on time, and on budget!

Access Control Project for St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral

By Neal Bellamy, IT Director at Kenton Brothers.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some doors framed by dark stained wood with lots of distinctive trim is my jam.

St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral Project

When asked how to access control a door like this, most people would see the hard-pan ceiling above and a large window in between and start sweating. The lock hardware and sensors are pretty easy, most have color options of either dark brown or black. It’s the bright yellow wire that has to get there, that presents the problem. There’s always the option of wire mold or conduit, but for this gorgeous entry into St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral, it simply wasn’t an option.

We were told that there was space under the wood trim. It looked like a viable option. But, it was going to take some delicate work to remove the trim, route the wire and replace the trim. I don’t know how much trim you’ve tried to remove around your house, but in my house there a 50% chance of breaking it. However, the KB technicians, Terry, Jeremy and Jeff, worked diligently to carefully install that wire. It came out looking great!

St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral Project

Going the extra mile with the wire makes an OK installation, turn into an awesome installation.

Unless you’re from the security or other wire-heavy industry, it’s hard to appreciate… but wiring a panel is an art form. You have to get all the right connections, or the system doesn’t work. If the wire is a little too long, or a little too short, it looks sloppy. The KB team blew it out of the park again at St. George. The access control panel at St. George looks amazing, providing both form and function.

This is an example of how KB goes the extra mile. Did it take some extra time? Yes. Did it take some extra effort? Of course. But the results are amazing. Hats off to Terry, Jeremy, and Jeff for such a good-looking installation!